Nouns Radio Network: Syndicated Broadcast Pilot



“The Nouns DAO Radio Show”




Nouns Radio Network launches a Radio Broadcast Proliferation Pilot, which will launch a nationally syndicated nounish radio network, starting with The NounsDAO Radio Show, and we will invite every member of the nounish community to be inspired to pick up a microphone and be nounspired to join in our storytelling.

Proliferation Through Radio Broadcasting With A Nounish Accent

Nouns Radio Network Offers Live, Daily Radio Broadcasts!

Nouns Radio Network & Award Winning Producer & Broadcaster Jennifer English propose to create an original Broadcast Radio Platform, distributed globally to federally licensed radio stations on both AM & FM frequency through the Westwood Satellite Distribution System to provide the NounsDAO & Nounish Community unprecedented, unlimited potential to parallel the proliferation of the NounsDAO Narrative.

Proliferation, growth, expansion and development of the NounsDAO will require education, storytelling, community development and bonding. The future of the NounsDAO is unlimited & The NounsDAO Story is thus, unlimited.

Syndicated Radio Broadcasting With A Nounish Accent

Until now, there has not been radio content dedicated to NFTs, Metaverse, Future of Food, Luxury, Humor and Cryptocurrency.

  • Radio makes waves in every demographic
  • 83% of Americans still listen to the radio every week
  • 7.5 million people are listening to the radio right now
  • Radio revenue has increased year over year
  • News/Talk remains the 2nd largest radio format
  • Radio reaches over 100 million people between the ages of 25 - 54

*Compiled from: 2019 Nielsen Audio Today; Pew Audio and Podcasting

Radio Broadcast Proliferation Pilot Deliverables

  • Broadcast Live & On Demand

  • Broadcast Pilot NOUNISH Platform

  • Daily Noun News Broadcast AnNOUNcements

  • Nationally Syndicated Weekly Broadcast NOUNISH Radio Show feat. Jennifer English

  • NOUNISH Community Awareness


  • NounsDAO Technical Education

  • NOUNISH Community PROLIFERATION Proposal Invitation

  • Daily Noun Auction Launch Broadcast AnNOUNcements

  • Daily Auction Close Broadcast AnNOUNcements

  • Daily Auction Winner Broadcast AnNOUNcements

  • Weekly News & Interviews

  • Weekly AnNOUNcements

  • NOUNISH Broadcast Skills Workshop

  • Monthly New NOUNISH Talent Workshop

Why Jennifer English?

Ms. English is an award-winning culinary broadcaster, strategist, writer, entrepreneur and teacher. Ms. English’s accolades in both the broadcasting & culinary worlds speak volumes about her breadth of experience and distinctive ability.

As a versatile radio anchor, Jennifer has 20 combined years of broadcasting experience in culinary news, talk, variety and non-scripted formats. Ms. English is the Founder and Host of the admired Food & Wine Radio Network, and Editor-at-Large for Food & Beverage Magazine, reaching over 14 million readers on a monthly basis.

Ms. English has earned the prestigious Gracie Allen Award for Best Interview from the Foundation of American Women in Radio & Television as well as The James Beard Foundation Award for Best Radio Show. She also launched and hosted the weekly Let’s Make a Meal segment, as well as hosting the Bottoms Up Radio Hour and R.S.V.P. Radio Show for a local NBC affiliate for 8 seasons.

Ms. English is also co-founder of Food & Beverage Magazine Club. Ms. English is also an online thought-leader and influencer. She is the host of The Future of Food & Hospitality on the Talk Nerdy to Me Club (220 thousand members) on the social media app Clubhouse.

Ms. English is also the creator of “Edible NFT’s”, serves on the newly formed NFT Foundation Board, and was one of the senior members of the Rare Pizzas Pizza Decentralized Autonomous Exchange (“DAO”). She was a member of the mastermind team behind the development and launch of development and launch of Rare Pizzas NFT Drop on 3-14-2021

and 2022 Bitcoin Pizza Days.

Ms. English currently co-hosts METABITE SHOW with Aakash Patel on nationally syndicated radio network MFN, and is heard weekly live through the flagship station WCGO in Chicago, and Westwood One Satellite to over 10 million.

Funding Breakdown

Total Amount for One Month Pilot: 10 ETH

  • LIVE Nationally Syndicated Nouns Radio Network Weekly Broadcast, 5 ETH
  • LIVE Daily Nationally Syndicated Nouns Radio ANNOUNCEMENT:60 branded short features: 3.5 ETH
  • NOUNS RADIO NETWORK On Demand Activation: 1.5 ETH

Personal Message from Jennifer English

I am open for a continued conversation for this Proposal here in the Discourse. I look forward to hearing your thoughts….

Since I discovered the NOUNS DAO, I have been a passionate student of the project. The richness of this opportunity lies in the inspiration and empowerment it cultivates in the community. One immediate GOAL is to become a NOUNER and acquire my first NOUN. Presently, I HODL 3 NounBirds (#6032,7213 & 7094). I am also a Founding Member of the Kitchen Nouncil of the FOODNOUNS DAO, and the Rare Pizza DAO & PAGE DAO.

Since 1999 I have been a professional broadcaster. There is no greater privilege than to be a broadcaster entrusted with the federally licensed airwaves. This is the immediate ACCESS I am bringing to this community, and for which I am proposing to be the Steward and the Servant to the NOUNISH Community.

Our NOUNISH Community has established iglobal credibility and foundation. To achieve proliferation and growth, one of the most credible events happens by being broadcast via traditional media. The NOUNS DAO has proven that, in fact, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, but few things speak louder than NOUNS. Please allow me the honor of bringing my microphone and creating this platform to allow the NOUNS DAO to speak via Radio Broadcast to the WORLD.

It is also important to demonstrate to women that this community is welcoming to all and that all of our voices matter. This proposal bring a respected, credible woman’s voice to the conversation and enhances the NOUN DAO credibility that women’s Nounish voices matter.
I thank you for this opportunity and I welcome your questions, ideas and inspirations.

Announcer: Jennifer English

Professional Broadcaster, James Beard Award Winner, Gracie Award for Best Interviewer

Here are a few links to shows that I have hosted.

Rare Pizza DAO Show

Aisha Tyler, Courage & Stone

Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick

Padma Lakshmi

Warren Bobrow, Cannabis Cocktails

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I am beyond excited to see this Proposal and to hear your vision for entering into the Nouns community with the specific talents you have.

As I move forward with IRL events and guerrilla marketing style activations, it has become clear that media in general is a huge commodity for the DAO. I haven’t seen Radio Broadcast in this community yet and look forward to the potential of Nouns being proliferated through radio waves.

You have been a pleasure every time you have joined us for Noun Square and it became very clear to everyone on your first visit that you were a professional broadcaster. Your Proposal looks great and I look forward to the community learning more about this.

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Dear Aubtoshi, Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I am thrilled that you “see” the potential for our collaboration with your upcoming IRL Events and activations. We were the first Nationally Syndicated broadcasters to produce “LIVE” coverage of marquee events, and I trust we will be able to do so together with Nouns on the Ground.

Web3 is asking all of us, no matter what our industry or expertise is, to become a “Host” to our customers and guests, both IRL and in the Metaverse.

In order for Future activations to be successful, they must be welcoming and hospitable. I genuinely am grateful for the privilege to be of Service to the NOUNS DAO Community, and to be a Steward and Servant to the NOUNISH Proliferation. Please let me know how I might be of service to you.

I am eager to meet you in person
with NOUNISH Thanks
Jennifer English


thank you to Toady Hawk for this winner