Nouns Play: Play to Learn

What is Nouns Play?

Nouns Play is an interactive game app designed specifically for preschoolers. With Nouns Play, children can learn about nouns through a variety of fun and educational activities. The app offers interactive games, puzzles, coloring pictures, guess the number and learning activities designed to improve children’s understanding of vocabulary. With a child-friendly design, Nouns Play provides an entertaining learning experience and facilitates children’s language development in a positive way.

What are the advantages to Nouns DAO?

Creating a Nouns Play application provides Nouns DAO with a number of advantages. Firstly, there is a huge market potential, given that the demand for educational applications for children is constantly growing. In addition, this app can strengthen Nouns DAO’s reputation as a creator of quality educational content. By providing a fun learning experience, Nouns DAO can build a loyal user base and get positive feedback from parents and the Blockchain community. In addition, business models such as in-app sales or premium Subscriptions can be an additional source of income for Nouns DAO Treasury

What are the features in the application?

In the Nouns Play app, you can find a variety of features designed to enhance children’s learning experience. Some of the key features include:

1.Interactive games: a series of fun games involving nouns, helping children learn in an interactive way.

2.Nouns puzzles: puzzle challenges designed to reinforce children’s understanding of vocabulary, with adjustable difficulty levels.

3.Creative activities: art and creativity activities that allow children to hone their creative thinking skills such as coloring.

4.Educative animations: animations are educational to help visualise vocabulary concepts in an engaging way.

5.Rewards and achievements: rewards and achievements system to give positive encouragement to kids in their learning process.

6.Gradual lesson Mode: progressively increase the complexity of the learning material according to the child’s development.

7.Parental settings: monitoring and reporting features for parents, providing visibility into child’s learning activities and progress.

With these features, Nouns Play provides a holistic and fun learning experience for preschoolers.


2 ETH: for initial development costs

2 ETH: for continuation operation fee for update

1 ETH: for advertising and Marketing costs


Development: About 3 Weeks To 8 Weeks

Testing: 3 Days

( All profits earned from this app will be given 100% to Nouns DAO Treasury )


  1. Melz: I am a graphic designer, UI / UX designer, 2D Animator, and Front end Developer you can follow me on X: @0xMelz
  2. Aldie: Active student at Binus University. I am a Java and Kotlin Developer, I am also currently studying Web3 Full stack developer, I like to learn new and challenging things! meet me on X: @Aldiezverd

I have sent this proposal to at Nouns DAO (Gardeners Round 2). If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss this proposal further.