Nouns Outdoor Advertising Placement On Giant Donut Statue In Los Angeles (Randy's Donuts)

Proposal submitted by Plutus Media & WOW Media.

TL;DR: Nounify a giant 32 foot landmark donut statue in Los Angeles with either Nouns glasses or a full Nouns wrap. The donut is on top of Randy’s Donuts in Ingelwood, California.

My name is Josh and I own Plutus Media, a full service marketing agency based in NYC. In collaboration with a Los Angeles based business partner, WOW Media, I am proposing this unique outdoor placement for the Nouns! I am able to place media on Randy’s Donuts, a landmark donut shop in Inglewood, CA. Maybe you’ve seen it featured in Iron Man 2 when Tony Stark was eating a donut in the Iron Man suit on the donut.

Where?: Randy’s Donuts- 805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301

My goal for this is to present the Nouns with a unique and viral outdoor advertising opportunity worthy of the DAO and Nouns brand. Something that everyone will talk about, share, and appreciate.

Here is a summary infographic.

There are 2 options I have prepared for the Nouns. Both options offer high visibility and push the Nouns branding in a unique way. This outdoor placement is in true Nouns style, and not the typical Times Square NFT placement. The donut is also illuminated when the sun is down, so the donut will always be visible since Randy’s is open 24/7. The placement can be live for up to 3 weeks.

Option 1: Fabricate & Place Nouns Glasses On Randy’s Donut
Option 2: Wrap Randy’s Donut In A Noun

Option 1 involves fabricating an over 30 foot pair of Nouns glasses and placing them directly in front of Randy’s Donut. Glasses will be fabricated using an aluminum frame with fabric, vinyl or mesh stretched over the frame to match artwork. Randy’s Donuts does not allow anything to puncture the donut statue, so the only option is having these glasses sit on a discreet frame.

Click here to see 3D renderings.

Option 2 involves printing a selected Noun or any creative provided by the Nouns, and wrapping the donut in this vinyl. Click here to see an example of a wrap we did for the Ghostbusters movie.

Turnaround Time To Going Live (Post Contract Signing & Receiving Creative):
Nouns Glasses (Option 1): Up to 4 Weeks
Wrapping The Donut (Option 2): Up to 3 Weeks

Total Pricing Based On Number Of Weeks Live:

Nouns Glasses:
Glasses Fabrication + Install + Hardware= $35,000 (Additional Equipment Rental Fee Of $600/Week)
Donut Rental Per Week= $27,000

1 Week Live: $62,000
2 Weeks Live: $89,600
3 Weeks Live: $117,200

Wrapping The Donut:
Wrap Production & Placement= $24,000
Donut Rental Per Week= $27,000

1 Week Live: $51,000
2 Weeks Live: $78,000
3 Weeks Live: $105,000

Payment can be made via USD (Wire or Check) or via Ethereum.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this proposal, and I hope to work with the Nouns soon on this cool opportunity.


awesome. thank you for doing the work on getting this together - i love the idea and totally support it. would love to hear others thoughts

fun idea :banana:

when I look at option 1 vs option 2, the key difference I see is having the focus on the glasses (Option 1) vs the Noun (Option 2)

which do we think is optimal with this particular advertisement? depending how quickly this goes on-chain could have this up around/shortly after the superbowl if that’s something we wanted (option 2 appears to take 1 less week for set up as well if we want that timing)

Hey, thanks for bringing up availability.

The donut is fully booked during the Super Bowl, but is available shortly there after.

When it comes to which option takes longer to go live, I would say both could be done within three weeks, but I always like to leave some time on the timeline in case of supply chain issues with materials or delays in fabrication.

Some people have brought up the idea of re-using the glasses in option 1 at other locations or events.

Arrangements can definitely be made with the manufacturer to disassemble, package, and transport/store the glasses. So this is an additional benefit to option 1.

Think option 1 would be the best move for the reusability aspect of it. Although storing it in-between projects would be another obstacle for us to figure out.

This is actually being voted on now! Nouns DAO

Storing in-between can be arranged with the prop manufacturer, because the glasses would need to be deconstructed, and then transport can be set up. Options for storage could be a storage unit or perhaps someone in the community has space for it.

Really like this idea! I do similar activations over here in the UK.

Was wondering, do you have any plans to clad/hide the supporting scaff bars underneath the glasses in the colour of the doughnut? You could vinyl wrap or make a fabric wrap and fasten with velcro.

I think it would improve the effect and make the glass look more ‘on the face’

Just a thought! Great proposal!

Yup, we are definitely doing this. I will be posting updates in the donut thread in the discord, definitely check in over there periodically.

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Will do, looking forward to seeing the final result! for that hire fee i hope you guys get some free doughnuts on the journey…

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