NOUNS ON THE GROUND - 6 Month Proliferation Pod

Thank you so much for everything you said. I am happy to have confirmed you as Signer 3. I will be making that change as well as adding the USD amount to the proposal.

Here is the section from the original post I am referencing. I am adding USD amounts and have made one additional change that I caught. The Sept 1st and Oct 1st payments need to swap as I need the additional month to start preparing for Event 3, NFT.London. They are on the wrong lines in the original post.

Here are the USD amounts I will add to the Proposal with ETH at $1,200:

  • IMMEDIATE - Initial release for Event 1: 14 ETH ($16,800 USD)
  • 08/01/22 - Release for Event 2: 14 ETH ($16,800 USD)
  • 09/01/22 - Release for Event 3: 21 ETH ($25,200 USD)
  • 10/01/22 - Release for Oct. management/organization: 3 ETH ($3,600 USD)
  • 11/01/22 - Release for Event 4: 14 ETH ($16,800 USD)
  • 12/01/22 - Release for Dec management/organization: 3 ETH ($3,600 USD)
  • Total: 69 ETH ($82,800 USD) distributed through 6 transactions over the course of 6 months (July 2022-Dec 2022) as outlined above
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Thank you Benbodhi! I did confirm a Signer 3, but if someone thought it should be a 3/4 wallet at any point instead I could add you as Signer 4.

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I’m ready to bring some new nounish ideas to life through these events. Thank you Oni!

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Seneca is a great choice!
Should you need another, I’m always here if you need me.

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hi, i think this is fantastic and totally support it. happy to be a signer on this as well but it sounds like you have more than enough interest

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Thank you 22! I wanted to ask you. Noted for future multi-sigs!

A couple of additional changes will be made to this Proposal prior to going on chain.

  1. Adding an event (Event 1.5) in between 1 & 2 and adding 11 ETH for expenses to first release as Event 1.5 happens directly after Event 1 and needs to be coordinated immediately.
  2. Swap the 10/01 and 11/01 releases. I need min two months to coordinate Event 4.
  3. Add 15% to the USD amount to account for volatility. Any leftover ETH will be returned to the NounsDAO.
  4. Changing the “event graphic” to add Event 1.5 & add Event 1.5 Description

Here are the changes made to the post above that will be reflected on the proposal:

  • IMMEDIATE - Initial release for Event 1/Event 1.5/Op: 25 ETH ($30,000 USD)
  • 08/01/22 - Release for Event 2/Op: 14 ETH ($16,800 USD)
  • 09/01/22 - Release for Event 3/Op: 21 ETH ($25,200 USD)
  • 10/01/22 - Release for Event 4/Op: 14 ETH ($16,800 USD)
  • 11/01/22 - Release for Op: 3 ETH ($3,600 USD)
  • 12/01/22 - Release for Op: 3 ETH ($3,600 USD)
  • Total: 80 ETH ($96,000 USD) distributed through 6 transactions over the course of 6 months (July 2022-Dec 2022) as outlined above

At the suggestion made by Seneca above, we have added 15% to account for volatility:

-15% Increase added for volatility to 80 ETH = 12 ETH ($14,400)
-Total ETH ask including 15% increase for volatility = 92 ETH
-Total USD ask including 15% increase for volatility = $110,400 USD

PLEASE NOTE: All ETH not used strictly for reasons relating to volatility in ETH price will be sent back to the NounsDAO from the multi-sig wallet.

New event graphic adding Nouns Esports Event 1.5:

New event description being added to the Proposal for Event 1.5:

The Proposal is being coordinated to be put on chain tomorrow. I am working with the GOOP team now to finalize their Noun delegation for the Proposal. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this process so far and for helping me get this Nouns On The Ground Proposal ready to be on chain! I’m honored and look forward to this epic 6 months of proliferation!


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Absolutely love this!
Go Aubtoshi :muscle: :heart_eyes:


@Aubtoshi is has some great energy and is an excellent Nounish representative and ambassador. I also think that she has 3 clones since she was everywhere in NY =) can’ t wait to see where she takes this over the next six months, We are also in the same town so I look forward to working and planning things “on the ground” with some of the stuff we are working on too.

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@Aubtoshi love that you are hard at work bringing Nouns DAO to real-life events! I wish we would have seen this project before Consensus 2022 here in Austin TX.

We really want to have an reoccurring ‘Nouns DAO Night’ at Crypto Learn Lab! Maybe mint lil nouns or participate in noun’o’clock as a group etc.

Best of luck!


Here is the link to the official on-chain Proposal! #110 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Due to recent tournament results, the NounsEsports schedule has changed. Nouns On The Ground will be transitioning Event 1.5 budget resources into internal media production capabilities. We look forward to our first Nouns Esports events and will have the noggle stadium towels ready to wave! ⌐◨-◨

Nouns On The Ground has accounted for this event change and has re-allocated this portion of the budget to create an internal Media Production Pod. Nouns On The Ground will produce episodic content at IRL activations and while traveling to and from events. High quality captured content will be produced and shared on multiple social media platforms, including live streaming.

Nouns On The Ground will operate a “run and gun” style production, bringing hyper flexible capabilities to all potential media creation opportunities. Production will include interviews with Nounish people “on the ground” and media content creation while at events.

11 ETH - Reallocated Media Budget
5 ETH - Media Equipment
6 ETH - Coverage Cost For The Proliferation Pod At All 4 Events

Nouns On The Ground is always open for collaboration. We also respect the time and budget of other media centered Nounish Proposers and Builders. This small, in-house media budget can only add to the content creation of other media driven Nounish projects.

All final media content will be cc0, forever, of course. We look forward to making usable Nounish content all over the US and the world!


Would love to have some feedback from you guys if may @Aubtoshi @Benbodhi @seneca @noun22 with regards to a small grant proposal I’ve put up.

I believe it aligns with NOUNS ON THE GROUND ethos; to solidify proliferation of Nouns via IRL event
And Nounish IRL events activation should aim to extend its reach globally.

Below is a small grant proposal that I’ve put up; a Nounish Forum in SINGAPORE.


Congratulations Nouns on the Ground

In my career in Fortune 50 Brand Marketing, I was involved in numerous successful activations and events. Everything in this proposal is strategic, tactical, clear, intentional and effective. It is also a source of both Noun Newsgathering and NOUNS Newsmaking and will be a valuable resource for the NOUNS Radio Network to broadcast with a NOUNIS Accent & Perspective. Please let us know how we can be effective and supportive in service to this proposal. Thank you for your creative insight, activation and leadership by example.


Have we done any NOUNS on the Ground Activations at Farmers Markets or Fairs?

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Really love what Nouns OTG is doing, even though I couldn’t attend NFT NYC, the pics and montages made me FOMO just a little bit less :sweat_smile:

Had a wonky idea though:
Can Nouns OTG sponsor Nounish members to “represent” the DAO in various events, rather than having a few people travel the world to do this? Have a few reasons behind this…

  • Getting more people involved decentralizes the IRL experience. Guess that’s what we all stand for eh?
  • Thinking that we can keep the core team for planning, but you don’t have to fly halfway around the globe just to attend a 1-2 day event. Basically mobilizing the international force of Nouns DAO while maintaining a certain standard of plans.
  • Saves on costs, and reduces carbon emissions as well!

Any thoughts, or did I just not read carefully enough and this is already something y’all are doing?


Thank you so much for your response. As for the Farmers Markets, I haven’t implemented that type of activation yet, but I am having tons of ideas about those types of foodnounish things like this.

Hey, thank you for taking the time to respond to this post. I love the idea of the “street team” element and have talked about this since Prop House Round 1! I recently got a channel in the NounsDAO Discord. Maybe if we move these forward thinking convos there we can start getting input from other “on the ground” type of proliferators.

The channel is #110-nouns-otg


tl;dr: NounsOTG is requesting 5.5 ETH additional funding to add 1 event, Devcon in Bogota, to the Nouns On The Ground Proliferation Pod that is currently executing Proposal 110.


NounsOTG has completed 2 major events from Proposal 110, a crypto centric expo with thousands in attendance called NFT Expoverse Los Angeles, and a hackathon with a couple hundred devs hacking on the Ethereum Blockchain at ETHBerlin.

The first recap of Event 1: NFT Expoverse LA is live on YouTube and Can be found here.

The goal of these recaps is to provide valuable media content that allows a new audience to both crypto and the Nouns to find out information about NounsDAO and the overall web3 space. NounsOTG is all about inclusivity, genuine interest in the projects and people building on the blockchain and fun interactions to get people of all ages to participate in both long and short form video content.

NounsOTG will keep all recaps local to Youtube and will continue to upload over 50+ short form interviews on the NounsOTG TikTok.

NounsOTG has two more events to finish out this prop, NFT London and Art Basel in Miami. NounsOTG will be speaking on a “nounish panel” for DAO’s at NFT London along with other nounish builders like 0xigami and CHEFFO. We are currently planning out Art Basel and possible activations we can accomplish with other builders. I look forward to finding creative ways to maximize proliferation beyond the scope of my original prop with all of the events I have been funded to go to.

ALPHA: NounsOTG is also working with the Stoopid Buddy Prop Builders to film a “Billy In The Streets” style segment with one of the walk around Nouns being featured in the Nouns documentary and Rose Bowl parade. More info to come!


I have been approached by multiple nouners and nounish builders asking if NounsOTG will be at Devcon. It has been described as a KEY event and I feel it could be an important event to cover in the interview style that NounsOTG has been developing. Ticket or not, I can effectively proliferate Nouns at this event. I already have the merchandise I would need (extra from the last event) to be able to effectively proliferate with this short amount of time to plan.


At this point in time, since I have the merchandise I need, I am only requesting for funding for travel to, accommodation at and some amount for the hours spent creating content for Devcon OTG in Bogota Colombia. Each event on my Proposal was funded at a minimum of 11 ETH per event but I can fully add this event to my roster and have video/media content deliverables with the merchandise for half of that event cost at 5.5 ETH.

I feel like OTG cannot miss out on the opportunity to attend an event that many nouners will be attending; as well as it being a pivotal ETH event. Thank you NSFW for your consideration!

Prop 110: Nouns DAO
Youtube: Nouns On The Ground - NFT Expoverse - Los Angeles, CA - YouTube

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let’s do it! nsfw will fund this

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