Nouns News - Season 03 (5 months)




Based on Maty’s weekly Newsletter, we deliver the hottest Nouns news of the week plus an in-depth interview with one member of our community.
We will be adding a nounish vtube avatar by Messhup, news segments with Aubtoshi and Toady, our own theme song by Super Woody, social media management and a website.

5 months of weekly news - Total of 41.9 ETH

Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the rounds!


  • After the success of the interviews, which will continue on season 3, we will now add a News on The Ground segment with Aubtoshi reporting from web3 events around the US and the world.
    This will include 6 events between August and December 2022.

  • We will have a new Noun O’ Clock Segment with Toady commenting on the best contest entries from the past week and other updates.

  • Messhup is coming aboard as Art Director, creating new graphics/art/logo and a nounish vtube avatar as our newscaster.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the sketched ideas for our new nounish vtube avatar newscaster:

  • !xargs and metamonk will launch a website on

  • Pajas will be doing the VFX / Graphics for the new opening with Messhup’s art + creating the NOC weekly segment with Toady.

  • RobotFishGirl will be encouraging viewership across socials, including Twitter, FB, IG, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and others. This will include daily scheduled posts, interaction with replies/comments, and thumbnails for YouTube and TikTok.

  • Super Tight Woody will compose our theme song.

LIST OF A FEW CONFIRMED GUESTS for the next season

  • 4156
  • CDT
  • KLIM
  • 142


A fun and quick way to learn about the latest news in the Nouniverse.
As we experiment and learn, we are trying to improve our show and make it even more nounish and entertaining.

We are really grateful for
There was where it all started for us.

And we believe we are now ready to take our show to the next level, run it for 5 months, and keep evolving with feedback from the community.

We are moving from being just an experiment to having more ambitious goals of proliferating the meme beyond Web3 and reaching out to a wider audience outside of our Discord/Twitter world.

And hopefully, we will inspire new folks to join Nouns.


We are ready to go. Check our Youtube link below.
After the funded 8 editions of Nouns News Season 1 and 2, we will now have 5 months of the new and extended season 3.


There is still plenty of room to grow.

  • Most importantly, we have around 60 languages available to us. The same videos can be easily tailored to different markets/countries.

  • Check out our teaser with a mix of different languages as a sample (This is just a draft with generic vtube avatars):

  • We will be planning a more extensive version of the website with the RatPack, to include international and community news.


The total ETH amount will remain in the Multisig (nounsnews.eth) for the monthly payments.

If for any reason, the show stops, we will return the remaining funds back to the DAO.


  1. !xargs
  2. Leo Clark
  3. Meshhup
  4. Robot Fish Girl



Leo Clark: @leoclark, Discord: leoclark.eth ⌐◨-◨#2267

Filmmaker @ Nouns DAO Prop #71 • Nouncillor • Producer/Speaker @ Nouns in Rio.

Assistant Producer + Webmaster

!xargs: @mamaxargs, Discord: !𝚡𝚊𝚛𝚐𝚜 | ⌐◨-◨s4Teachers!#0333

Noun O’Clock • Kitchen Nouncil • Nouns.Blog


Aubtoshi: @aubtoshi_nft, Discord: aubtoshi#9612

Nouns on the Ground • Nouncil • Noun O’Clock • Kitchen Nouncil with FOODNOUNS DAO

ToadyHawk: @toady_hawk, Discord: Toady_Hawk#8950

Noun O’Clock • Nouncil

Art Director

Messhup: @messhup, Discord: Messhup#2469

VXF Artist

Pajas: @PajasETH, Discord: Pajas#4310

Young buildoor trying contributing with his graphics, animations and web building whilst enjoying one espresso after another.

Website Design Consultant

metamonk: @m3tamonk, Discord: metamonk#0001 • Nouncillor • • design/dev

Social Media

Nascha/RobotFishGirl: @RobotFishGirl, Discord: RobotFishGirl#9847
Nouns University • Kitchen Nouncil

Music Director

Woody: @SuperTightWoody, Discord: SuperTightWoody#3744

Grammy Nominated Music Producer • Owner of Super Tight • Maker of @cryptoadz_show • Co-creator @GItoadz @DickToadz • Member of @nouncil @noun_o_clock ⌐ⓝ°ⓒ


Here is one of our latest episodes:

Nouns News Nouniversary Edition

Thank you for reading and watching!

We would love to hear your feedback as well :pray:


sounds really cool - do you have any data you can share on viewership since you guys started?


as 22 said, very curious to talk more specifically about proliferation success: what has happened so far, and what you expect to see in this next period?

viewership is an obvious metric; I wonder if you know of any specific people that have been “noun pilled” thanks to your work?


Thanks! This feels like an important historical archiving tool that we should continue to fund.

Would love to see this next round collaborate with other Nounish promotional outlets and find ways to continue spreading this information.

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Just watched 3 episodes! Nice work! Dig the “AI” announcers. I’m checking out the YT channel and his may not matter now, but in the future when there is a butt load of content it may be nice to have them initially put into playlists based on season.

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Thanks @noun22 and @verb-e :pray:
I guess the metrics and the proliferation are really what we are trying to achieve with the proposal.

If we look at the Youtube plays numbers alone, it is not significant atm.
The show has been more of a fun experiment.

That is why I think the work of Robot Fish Girl is so important.
The plan is to have a better (and more nounish) show overall, and finally, have someone dedicated to spreading it beyond our bubble.

Makes sense?

Thanks for the support, @joshuafisher :pray:
And yes, we do think about that.
How we are documenting the story/timeline of Nouns.
The weekly shows + raw footage from the interviews could be a useful resource for a future documentary for sure.

so here’s what i think. i love the hustle, i love the work you have been doing. but, i want to fund 5 months of this AFTER it finds product market fit, not before. if you think you need a little more runway to try something new and find that fit, i’m all for that. but i dont think this is at the stage where we commit to 5 months if you’re telling me it’s not working yet

but also, if for whatever reason this doesnt work out, that’s totally cool too. we’re taking a lot of shots here. i want to channel your energy and enthusiasm into a new/existing project where your time and energy won’t go to waste, and i will support anything else you do. so let me know what you think is best

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Thanks for your kind words, @BaguHanto :pray:
And yes, great suggestion!
We will definitely have seasons playlist :facepunch:

Thanks 22, I really appreciate you taking the time and your feedback.
And thank you for your support :pray:

I understand your point, obviously and we could run it for a shorter period, maybe?

But since we have an upfront cost of making a more professional show with Messhup’s art and Woody’s song + a website as some examples, I think it makes sense to keep running it for longer.

Also, we are taking advantage of Aubtoshi on the road, so the timing is perfect.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts about how I think we could MAKE this happen.

I understand there is a risk,
but rn I can’t think of another way to move the show from being just a hustle/experiment to having a real shot.

I would love to hear more suggestions :pray:

i think if you want to do another month or so to try and get traction, the changes should come with content, and not necessarily with shiny new graphics and music. what can you add/remove/change to capture the attention of the audience? i do not have the answer but if you want to keep experimenting and have a good idea of what to do, i am happy to give you more runway…

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Thanks, 22.
I really appreciate you taking the time and suggesting another path for us to try and make this happen.
I will have a chat with the team and get back to you.
Cheers :pray:

Just a quick update as the team is discussing the options.

Toady has graciously decided to not be paid for his part.

He feels like we, as Nouns News, have been a part of The Noun Square every week, so he is willing to do the same :pray:

Budget is down to 46.9 ETH

And yet another update !
Aubtoshi has graciously decided to not be paid for her part as well :pray:

Budget is down to 41.9 ETH

i cant support this until you further prove this is something the world wants (ie, find a semblance of PM fit)

if we fund this now, there is a real risk of the funds being spent on the current track (which does not seem like its working especially well?), without sufficient iteration

if we don’t fund this now, i think it puts the onus on you (the team) to further explore and experiment with the concept until you find traction, and then we fund you

i think the latter is a better outcome for everyone

Thank you for your feedback :+1:

Hey 22!

Thanks again for your support and help to make our idea work.
We would like to confirm that we are ready to run a 1 month trial focusing on getting the numbers up, especially in the brand new TikTok account.

The plan is to adjust content accordingly and work with social media to reach an audience outside of Nouns and even crypto.

Makes sense?
Cheers :pray:

yes, great to chat with you just now. NSFW would fund a 1 month extended trial for 4 ETH

i would like to see you adjust content to fit social media (tiktok, ig reels) with an emphasis on virality. we want to see more eyeballs on this content. if the content is generating more attention, we can extend funding

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Awesome! Thanks 22!
We will keep you and the community updated :muscle: