Nouns Nation party management simulation video game

Nouns Nation is a disco, club, party management simulation video game.
We are working on a Nouns inspired full-feature browser game with multiplayer, chat, web3.
Requesting 61 ETH to develop a game engine, sound engine, and sprite assets.
The early prototype will be available in 3 months.
The public beta release will be available in ~7 months.

Nouns Nation is a simulation game where you build and manage clubs, parties, and festivals. There will be two main types of roles: party managers who own, build, manage, upgrade, and run party properties, and partygoers who party, party, party, socialize, spend play money and make new friends.

There is no party without a cool DJ or a rock band, so we put special emphasis on developing unique music ensembles. For example, rock band Wizards of Peace, or DJ Golden Horse etc. We plan to open the game to all Nouns and Nouns Nation holders and maybe gradually expand to all other nounish sub-communities (Noun punks, Gnars, Lost nouns etc).

rock band - Wizards of Peace

golden horse
DJ Golden Horse

99% of game assets will be derived from Nouns assets. For example, we use Nouns assets to design the following characters, prototypes of environments and other items.

The characters.
I have deployed a collection of 25k nounish characters under the name Nouns Nation ( The characters are currently available at 0.01 eth. I received positive feedback on NounsDAO discord for a new spin to use Nouns assets.

The game scene environments.
The game environments are designed using only Nouns assets as well. For example, the party managers will start by managing a small party property (house party). The players will be able to upgrade his/her party property to a disco club, outdoor festival, etc. Each property will have a limited number of visitors and special property items such as speakers, disco lights, interior, cocktails, and music. In total, we are planning twenty-plus unique kinds of party properties (house, underground, mansion, pub, rooftop, disco, fashion afterparty, casino, airport, pirate ship, church, woods, desert, underwater, sky longe, lazy river, beach, heaven, doomsday, independence, anarchy, rock n roll). There will be five non-linear branches of properties (For example, if you want to own a doomsday property then you must at some point own both underground and anarchy properties). Each property will have at least 30 different levels of upgrades (for example, squid speakers, pineapple speakers, etc).

House parties

Desert festivals

The audio effects and music.
In the beginning, we are planning to use AI-generated music or license-free music from Soundcloud. In the future, we plan to collaborate with promising new artists.

Road map
Proof of concept - 2 month
Sounds and music assets - 1 month
Beta release with all the features and assets for a single party room - 2 month
Public release - 2 months

the most nounish project
browser-based game
web3 enabled
multiplayer up to 100 players per party room
text/voice chats
play money (virtual economy)

61 eth | $180,000
Establish a company (South Korea) 1 eth
Hire 5 devs
Game assets - 20 eth
Game engine - 20 eth
Sound engine/ sound library - 20 eth

About fiveoceans_dev

I have Ph.D. in computer science however I realized that academia is a bit slow for me. Last year, I started a totally new adventure as an independent dev. Currently, I enjoying working for myself and make small contributions to NounsDAO. My goal is to build a fun video game dev company.

You might already know me by my small contributions:
Nouns glasses favicon (change favicon.ico from N to Noun-glasses by fiveoceans-dev · Pull Request #284 · nounsDAO/nouns-monorepo · GitHub)
Instagram AR filter for nouns glasses Login • Instagram
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Please leave your comments below or feel free to reach out with any suggestions to fiveoceans_dev#5450 on Nouns Discord.