Nouns in the Jaguar Parade NYC 2022 ⌐◨-◨

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Nouns in the Jaguar Parade NYC 2022 ⌐◨-◨


Jaguar Parade is an open-air art exhibition of decorated jaguar statues ( It is an art installation with the purpose of raising funds and awareness about the urgent need to conserve jaguars and their habitats. The main goal of the Jaguar Parade is to provide a structural and ongoing source of income for jaguar conservation projects. Jaguar Parade’s first edition took place in São Paulo (SP) in 2019. With 87 statues, it is the biggest open-air art exhibition in the history of SP. Approximately 10 million people saw the jaguars in the streets and parks of the city, and the media coverage reached 100 million people.

The next edition of the Jaguar Parade is in New York City (NYC) in September/October
2022 (Jaguar Parade NYC 2022 - EN - YouTube). The sculptures will be exhibited in selected locations such as UN Headquarters, World Trade Center, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park Zoo, The High Line, JFK Airport, and La Guardia Airport. During the exhibition, the sculptures online auction is open for bids. The Jaguar Parade NYC’s charity partners are some of the world’s most known organizations in the wildlife conservation field: Panthera, WCS, WWF, and The Lion’s Share. Those organizations will receive 100% of the auction net proceeds from implementing initiatives in jaguar conservation in 18 countries.

Why does it matter for Nouns?

Jaguar Parade NYC offers a unique opportunity for brands like Nouns to participate in a meaningful display of environmental action that communicates to audiences that have respect for the natural world, animal welfare, jaguar conservation and engaging art exhibitions with charitable causes. The Jaguar Parade NYC will reach millions of people who live in one of the most important cities in the world. Furthermore, New York will host the 77th UN meeting during the Jaguars exhibition, bringing even more visibility to the cause and Nouns brand.

What do we want to do?

  1. Jaguar sculpture
    Nouns as a Gold Sponsor of Jaguars Parade by installing a jaguar painted with nouns motives in NYC. Nouns already have a spot reserved, nothing less than Times Square, with the sculpture exhibition for 28 days. Gold Sponsors have their names added to the official website next to brands like Nike, JCDecaux, Dell Technologies and global organization like United Nations (UN). Also, four bus stop advertisements of Jaguar Parade, among 50, will have a Jaguar wearing noggles.

  1. Guerrilla marketing
    Two members of our team will travel to NYC to execute the Guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing to make Nouns visible during the Jaguar Parade launch event at Central Park on September the 6th.
  • Rent a LED truck to circulate on the streets of NYC and park at Central Park. The screen’s resolution is front screen 512 x 480 pixels, side screen 896 x 480 pixels, and rear screen 512 x 480 pixels. Display on the screens the video “what is nounish?”.
  • Park the Led truck at Central Park to have a conversation about Nouns with sympathizers and distribute buttons and stickers.

  • Guerrilla marketing to make Nouns visible during the Jaguar Parade nearby Times Square, where Nouns Jaguar will be installed, from the 2nd and 9th of September;
  • Our team will stay alongside the Noun’s Jaguar wearing noggles, engaging with the public, and distributing stickers;
  • Place posters containing a Noun and QR code in grids (3x3 and 2x2) or singles.



We are asking for 21 eth.

Budget breakdown:

  • Jaguar manufacturing in Brazil: 3 eth, all the jaguar sculptures from Jaguar Parade are made in Brazil;
  • Sculpture air transport to NYC: 6 eth;
  • Sculpture artwork in New York: 2 eth, an artist chosen by The Jaguar Parade will nounify the sculpture in NYC;
  • LED truck: 2 eth, for eight hours use on September the 6th;
  • 2000 Nouns Stickers: 1 eth;
  • 1000 Nouns Posters: 0.5 eth;
  • Air tickets from Brazil to NYC for two people: 2 eth;
  • Accommodation time in NYC for 10 days and two people: 2 eth;
  • Food in NYC for 10 days and two people: 0.5 eth;
  • Guerrilla work: 2 eth.


Dsoidx, project manager at Jaguar Parade;
MrDragon, Community manager at Jaguar Parade, Security Admin at @NounsDAOBrazil and @RiseDAO;
Medina, Community Manager at Jaguar Parade, Collab team at NWCcomm, moderator at Ultraman, Head Mod at Flickygang and DopeVoyage;
Waldson, co-Founder of @ccZero2022, The Largest Brazilian web3 community on discord with almost 1000 members, head mod at Jaguar Parade;
Fnight, project manager at Jaguar Parade.

Prop writing and collaboration

B, nouner #137,348, founder of RiseDAO and @NounsDAOBrazil.
Kome, member of Lil Nouns DAO and co-founder of RiseDAO and @NounsDAOBrazil.
QuijoteHorizon, co-founder of @ccZero2022, the largest Brazilian web3 community on discord and co-founder of @NounsDAOBrazil.