Nouns in Rio - How to make your own treasure hunt!


After delivering the first ever treasure hunt in the Nouniverse, we want to make it global!

How was the 1st edition



Community feedback

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(summary of topics discussed at Nouners meeting)



We’ll deliver tools to spread nounish treasure hunts worldwide, empowering people to create their own versions of the game. We’ll also make the 2nd edition of the event in Rio, but much bigger this time!

What we’ll deliver

The Playbook

We’ll deliver a full guide on how to make a nounish treasure hunt. It will come both as video tutorials and as an e-book illustrated by ilustradora.eth.

We’ll put together all we’ve learned making the first edition and our previous knowledge on game creation into the material to help any community around the globe to cut steps in the process of making their own nounish treasure hunt. A little bit of what we’ll teach in The Playbook:

  • Game mechanics

  • Principles of playability

  • Budget and schedule

  • How to pick the perfect spot

  • How to advertise the game

  • How to deal with big groups

  • How to use the provided assets

and more! (website under construction at the moment)

Here you’ll find The Playbook to read, watch and download. We’ll also provide all the assets that you’ll need to make your own game, such as posters, map templates, budget spreadsheets, social media templates and more. This platform will be the home of every treasure hunt builder!

2nd Edition - What’s New?

Bigger & Better

We’ll make an event for 100+ people with even better prizes and more merch! People knew about the first hunt only through word of mouth, this time we’ll pay for ads to reach an even broader audience.

We also had the help of several people that completely bought the idea and worked for less than they should to make it happen, this time we want to double the staff and pay their fair share.

Web 3 Onboarding

In the first edition, we really wished we could teach everyone how to create and use a crypto wallet and give all the prizes in ETH but we didn’t have enough staff. Now we’ll have 2 people dedicated to onboarding all the participants to Web 3.

First-aid Center

Even though we didn’t have any problems, for this bigger version, we want to make sure that if any emergency occurs we’ll be prepared. We’ll have a first-aid center and an ambulance all day long with us. Safety first!

Video production

We’ll take the video content to another level with one more camera crew to follow multiple participants simultaneously. The idea is to use the bigger version of the event to produce a mini-doc (~6’) following the whole day of the game, from putting up the posters to the post-game meeting at the bar.

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Our main goal with this ambitious project is to merge Web 2 and 3 in a fun and engaging IRL event. In the first edition, we noticed that people who already are familiar with Web 3 loved to meet each other IRL and play together. On the other hand, people who never heard about blockchain or NFTs loved to learn more about this whole new world of possibilities.


The whole project will take three months to be delivered. In the first two, we’ll produce The Playbook and simultaneously. The game itself will take place at the end of the third month, which will be fully dedicated to making it happen.


We are totally committed to keeping spreading the treasure hunt culture worldwide. This event brings people to the ecosystem and we saw firsthand how involved the participants got in the first edition. The next steps, if supported by the community, will be to further develop the following:

The app

An app fully dedicated to nounish treasure hunts, which will allow Nouns to be found by QR code scanning. It’ll make the counting of the Nouns found by the participants easier and also help the game makers to create rankings, raffle prizes and more. (website under construction at the moment)

If the website proves to be a useful tool for the community we’ll make it a showcase for all game makers. They will have a place to upload media and share their treasure hunts. It’ll also be integrated with the app, so it’ll have a global ranking and statistics about the events.

Global treasure hunt

Once treasure hunts are a staple of the Nouniverse IRL, we can gather all creators and have the biggest hunt of all, an event with hunts all over the globe happening on the same day, with a worldwide scoreboard where everyone will be part of a team joining forces with members across all countries.


  • 2nd Treasure Hunt - Bigger & Better! - 9 ETH

  • E-book - 6,5 ETH

  • Video tutorials - 8,5 ETH

  • Website - 3 ETH

Total: 27 ETH


@jp, Discord:
Building Nouns in Rio, Nouns News and more. Created the first-ever nounish treasure hunt (prop house #812) and embarked on the mission to nounify Rio. Motion designer and VFX artist, selected works here.

@Arnon, Discord: Arnon#5741
Rio-based screenwriter and filmmaker. Created and took part in several games and puzzle initiatives both online and offline before joining Nouns in Rio to make the first edition of the treasure hunt (prop house #812).

@leoclark, Discord: leoclark.eth ⌐◨-◨#2267
Nouncillor and filmmaker @ Nouns DAO
Proposal 71 Non-fungible Aotearoa: documentary about the artist behind Noun Cats (in production)
Nouns News S01, S02, S03
Speaker @ NFT Rio
Proposal 98 NOUNS IN RIO: Nouns to be a part of the 1st Brazilian international NFT exhibition

@ng, Discord: iamng#3884
Works on updating Fomo Nouns and created the Fomo iOS and Android mobile apps with the help of Small Grants funding. Created Nouns Auction Widget. Bring Animate Nouns to life too. Holds a CS bachelor’s degree and creates mobile and web apps. All other nounish and not only projects you can find here.

@ilustradora.eth, Discord: ilustradora.eth⌐◨-◨#8477
2D illustrator focusing on character design. Has collaborated with Gnars, Lil Sisters Fund, Nouns in Rio, Nouns DAO Brazil and more.

Nouns in Rio | | twitter | instagram | tiktok


Long live Nouns in Rio and global treasure hunts!

This tweet says it all:

Godspeed, JP :metal:
It’s been great to follow your journey :pray:


I think you all are doing a great job in Rio coming up with new and exciting ideas, but I do have some concerns. Overall, I guess it just seems like the cost is high for the potential proliferation. I really like the idea of the e-book to help other replicate events in their area of the world, but it seems like something that would be a good prop house project for 2ETH or something. On the other aspects, I’m trying to justify the costs at almost $35000 for an event (plus deliverables) for 100 people would be $350 per person over a very short period of time. Not every conversation or prop should seek for ROI, but I’m really struggling to see how this would create enough ‘bang for the buck’ here.

Do you have any stories from the first go around that would help to drive home why this would be worth it? People that came into the community because of it? People onboarded to Nouns or web3 in general? I also don’t want to be a discouragement. I’m just wondering what else you could do to achieve greater proliferation for the same amount of money. Would love to dialog more on this.

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Hey Andrew,
Thank you for your comments.

After feedback from the community, and especially 142, we are going to change directions and turn this proposal into a global treasure hunt event happening in many cities at once.

We will post a revised proposal soon.

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