Nouns Hack Week - Nouns Trait Linked to IRL experience

What’s up everyone! I resubmitted my ATX clean up project with some major upgrades, including the COMPOST NOUN trait. I wanted to take this grant to the next level and make it multi-dimensional. I’m all about bridging the gap between the URL & IRL. I submitted for both the Art & IRL grant for Hack Week!

Compost Noun:

The Art submission is centered around two Nouns traits I created.
1. Compost Head
2. Recycle Mouth

This Nouns represents being a responsible earth loving Noun, which we all need some more Nouns like this. This piece of art is also tied to the IRL experience I want to curate in ATX

Nouns Keeping ATX Clean: Nouns Trash Bags & Noggle Photos

Not only will we bring together a couple hundred local Austin creatives & entrepreneurs to do a day of trash pick up, but we also would like to create compostable Nouns trash bags. I am looking into a few different companies that allow branding on these bags.

As mentioned in the submission, we will supply food drinks, supplies, and more to create a day full of connections and earth loving fun. There’s nothing like the feeling of cleaning up our earth and doing it with other people. I can’t wait to curate this experience, I know it will be transformative for so many people.
Compost Man