Nouns Gym and Fitness App

tldr; Gym branded with nouns and fitness app

Idea : Create a franchise of Gym with nouns brand for fitness enthusiastic and competition ready athlete to take part in various sports such as marathon and body building. Gym will be open to all. From newbies to fitness crazy people.

App : A fitness app that help people share their goals and milestones as they continue with their healthy journey. This app would be used by all gym members + worldwide as well to bring a sense of collectiveness with Nouns ecosystem.

Breakdown of concept :
Nounifying an existing Gym :

  • Branding Nouns on gym walls/Renovation- $200 ( 0.16eth )

  • Nounish Tees for staff and trainer- $40 ( 0.031eth )

  • Agreement with Gym Owner( Approx ) - $600-$1300 ( 0.47-1.02 )
    The current gym I’m connected with earn around $1200-1800 per month with upto 50 members coming in daily during morning and night. This is a good start to nounify fitness industry by testing waters.

  • Provide Noggles inside the gym x 5 (Can be purchased directly via official Noun’s providers )

Total ask for Nounifying Gym : $1540 ( 1.2 ETH )

Sponsoring competition ready Bodybuilder x 1
Idea is to sponsor a body builder to take part in state level body building competition and present Nouns DAO
Time Period: 5 Months

  • Supplement per month - $603 ( 0.47eth ) [ $3015/2.34eth ]

  • Trainer Fee per month - $180 ( 0.14eth ) [ $900/ 0.7eth ]

  • Nouns Merch and Branding - $600 ( 0.47eth )

Total ask for competition ready body builder: $4515 ( 3.51eth )

About apps: I’m open to other builders as well who want to work together on this, I know few web and app developers as well but its always better to be with like minded people who already know Nouns from the inside.

This is a general proposal and open to ideas. I’ve talked with few trainers and have a couple of location in mind. Please feel free to share your ideas or feedback below. I believe that this could be a great way to bring in Nouns in front of more crypto naive people as well as fitness industry.

There was a wellness app proposal a while back that might have some relevant thoughts for you. I think the consensus was that it’s a hyper competitive area where Nouns doesn’t have a compelling way to break through into the market.

So the struggle becomes, how will it be nounish and why would it get used by anyone outside of the community to proliferate the meme?

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It did make it on chain as well. Defeated 15-130. Nouns DAO

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oh yeh I remember seeing this, idk why it was defeated but I’ve seen 2 examples of such apps being popular. $Whale health initiative and Stepn.
Above all my proposal isnt about the app alone but an irl gym promoting Nouns. I have few things in mind and is open to discussion

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If you really believe in it, probably need to work on some mockups of the design and nounish functionality. Also a budget and maybe some previous work to let people know you can do it.

Keep building!

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I agree on the things regarding mock ups and design part, both actual gym and equipment + the app. but I put up this proposal for the very same reason like you, the feedback. It’s just an idea but I did research about few things like rent of a place big enough for a decent gym, all equipment, salary for a manager, helper + atleast 2 trainer to have competition ready interested body builders for atleast 1 year + few extra things and expenses like utilities and merch for gym members. About app? it wont take much on that part.

Also about our previous work to let people know that I can make this a reality, I think you have more than a fair idea about what I’ve achieved and done both as an individual and as a team hahahaha. Hopefully others can believe in me as well.
This proposal is just an idea to bring nouns irl to different audience.

I’m not pressing you on it, I’m just saying put it all out there with that info so that more people will be inclined to give feedback. I love the fact that you are putting so many ideas out into the system. Makes it more fun around here. :slight_smile:

Yes! Just updated with more info and a decent breakdown. Body building industry is always high here