Nouns get Warped…and then some!

Thanks Vlad! I hope you, gami, gnars and the whole crew are a part of this!


Hey JD! First off, I’ve enjoyed speaking to you a few times, and have found your enthusiasm contagious! lol.

Would love to hear a general idea or two regarding props you have been thinking about. I think that your numbers are in line with what a contractor would be paid for work that they do (being in that business myself!), so just wanted to get a sense of where you head was at in regards to the types of things you’d be looking to bring to the table!

Good luck!!!

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Thanks Adam! I’ve really appreciated your advice and feedback, and it’s been amazing watching your launch. Cheers!

Ok! It seems I need to do some refining to this prop so that it’s super clear that I have a bunch of things lined up with the passage, also I talk about it in the video, Nouns Get Warped...and then Some! - NounsDAO Proposal - YouTube but always trying to balance the amount of detail…here’s some detail!:

1. WarpedWorld

  • Warped will be a multi-prop phased approach will both require input from developers and members across the community AND I will include participation from community groups along the way. This is a huge project, I think one of the most ambitious for any existing community embracing web 3. We’ll dig in with the passage but right now, my gut tells me it’ll likely involve a few phases.

  • a/ An initial IRL/Virtual phase where we do a series of IRL events, maybe with Vans, maybe piggybacking on live shows, but events that are all about introducing the community to WarpedWorld and educating them on web3 and Nouns. My hope is to involve a number of Nouns communities in these events so that they we are turning people on to the communites that are working in web3! I think these will spread the word in both a grassroots and Nounish way. I hope you, @Aubtoshi @skateordao, Nouns esports and many groups will find these events opportunities to proliferate! We’ll use POAPs and launch nft collections for these events that also help see the community. We may also engage the full power of Warped social to spread the word, or, alternatively, we might start slow…and grow…

  • A second phase that will likely be all about establishing WarpedNounds as a subDAO

  • A third phase that might be all about onboarding creators and establishing a toolkit for creators…

  • …and on and on…this will be a VERY BIG project that eventually will bring to life an entire ecosystem of fluid IRL and virtual community.

  1. Dancing Nouns
  • I really wanna build my Nounish development chops (and find development collaborators in the community) by executing on project for Nounish good so, as you can see in my video, have a number of possible collaborations lined up to explore with the passage. Dancing Nouns follows from the playbook that @skateordao has so beautifully executed on for Gnars and - a subDAO and a related site that supports community members…and I want to do this for the pro and amateur dancing community. I have a number of interested groups ready to jump in!
  1. MusicalNouns (or whatever we call it!) Another project designed to do Nounish good, but also proliferate by engaging known musicians to recognize music scholarship for the benefit of kids. I’ve been talking around town about this, and I think it not only is a way of soft-nation-building by introducing artists to the Noun to the artist community…but also use that model that Gami (mad respect!) to do good. I’ve already spoken with @SuperTightWoody about this a little and really hope together we can rock this!

  2. Going out to Warner Bros and others, thinking about Wizard Nouns and exploring a prop with the Wizarding World Fan Community - Something I’ve already started the ball rolling on…they are waiting for me to pass this prop, but I think the fan community (vs. the studio itself) is particuarly Nounish.

5. Working as an evangelist and lending a strategic hand across the Nouniverse. -Whether it’s helping @Aubtoshi with the Coachella crew, or lending my experience and network throughout the Nouns…AND going out and educating (as I’ve been doing informally for months) people and organizations throughout my network, these efforts will produce all sorts of proliferation, education and opportunities…I know it!

-Hope this is helpful, not only for you…but for anyone reading this.

PLEASE if you need more clarification or want to connect to discuss…reach out!

…and this is just tip of the iceberg…i’ve got more!!! -J.D.

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This is a perfect amount of information! I don’t think it should be put into the proposal itself, but great to know where your head is at, and this is an impressive amount of mental work already put in :slight_smile:

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Thank you Adam.

Yes, i originally had this info in the draft prop, but was advised to keep it a little more on the TLDR side!…but definitely there are very real, and quite ambitious tangible projects to dig into assuming Noun community support.

…and, excited about my generative covers!


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Super exciting JD! i remember talking to you on twitter spaces about this! The branding of Nouns with the glasses goes so good with Warped, and MTV…


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OMFG Zack I’ve been dreaming about this one too!

It’s so early and I’ve tried not to overly hype, but oh yes friend, that conversation is gonna happen. -And it makes perfect sense, right?

Thanks for your note. -j.d.