Nouns Gallery Space - Urban regeneration for newsstand kiosk

Our proposal involves securing 25 ETH in funding to acquire and revitalize an outdated newsstand kiosk in the coastal city of Pescara, Italy. With a population of 318,000 and an influx of 600,000 tourists during the summer months, Pescara presents a prime location for the establishment of the Nouns Gallery Space. This innovative space will serve as a hub for the NFT and web3 communities and provide opportunities for artists to showcase their works, host events, and offer merchandise. Our goal is to create a thriving cultural center that will serve as a model for urban regeneration through art and technology.

Newsstands are strategically positioned in city centers and offer a quaint atmosphere. However, they have been heavily impacted by the economic crisis brought on by outdated markets such as newspapers and magazines. As one walks through the city, it is clear that a significant number of newsstands are either closed or for sale.

The proposed Nouns Gallery Space aims to revitalize these urban spaces through the power of art and innovation. By bringing together NFT enthusiasts and artists, the Nouns Gallery Space serves as a hub for the flourishing of the web3 culture and the growth of the Nouns brand.

What would be Nouns Gallery Space
The Nouns Gallery will serve as a multifaceted hub for the NFT and web3 communities. It will offer:

  • A physical space for artists to showcase their works through temporary exhibitions.
  • In-real-life events, including launch parties for NFT creators.
  • A resource center for information on NFTs and the web3 culture.
  • A merchandise shop for Nouns-branded items.
  • The possibility of creating a self-sustaining DAO using the Prop House framework.

Project Details
This funding proposal aims to cover the costs associated with acquiring and transforming a strategically positioned kiosk into the Nouns Gallery Space. The proposed budget includes:

  • The acquisition of a kiosk in a prime location, such as a seaside area with a vibrant nightlife, with an estimated cost ranging from $15,000 to $20,000.
  • The allocation of $10,000 for internal renovations to create a welcoming and functional gallery space.
  • An investment of $2,000 to $5,000 in electronic equipment to ensure the gallery is equipped with the necessary technology.
  • A budget of $5,000 for marketing and communications efforts to increase visibility and attract visitors to the Nouns Gallery Space.

With your support, we will bring the Nouns Gallery Space to life and provide a platform for artists, NFT enthusiasts, and the wider community to engage with the exciting potential of the web3 culture.

Malandraj: As a seasoned digital entrepreneur and multidisciplinary designer with over five years of experience in the crypto industry, I am well-equipped to bring the Nouns Gallery Space to life. My responsibilities will include:

Finding and acquiring an ideal kiosk location.

Overseeing renovations to create a functional and visually appealing gallery space.

Navigating the regulatory aspects of the project by working with trusted resources.

Directing the artistic vision of the space to ensure that it reflects the Nouns brand and the web3 culture.

With my expertise and passion for art and technology, I am confident in my ability to bring the Nouns Gallery Space to fruition and provide a dynamic platform for the NFT and web3 communities.

I like the idea to a certain extent.
Questions: how to make sure the kiosk will stay open?
What are the overhead costs? Working hours? Payment for people working there?
Basically: how can we make sure this will be running for years (which I imagine is the goal if you want to buy the property).

As if there were souvenirs in the form of some plush toys starring nouns, that would be awesome. If such outlets were to open dozens of them, preferably in precisely the kind of places where a large number of tourists pass through, and provide toys at least these BigShotKlim, it would make sense.
Only one question arises. Will the presented budget be sufficient?

Thanks for your reply, these are all good questions.

I’ll give you my point of view, I might be wrong, happy to collect feedback.

I think this idea could perfectly work as a DAO structure that should be able to onboard as many visitors, investors and artists as it can in order to make sure future sustainability.

The Nouns model works great for this use case, so infinite NFT auctions that collect funds for the treasury and self assign NFTs every X number of auctions, allowing for asset differentiation then governance processes focused on deciding about investments, budget and grants or mandates for people interested working in the projects.
In addition as part of the DAO business model, promoted artists will be asked to pay for space rent and donate a NFT in order to contribute in treasury assets accumulation.

Due to current market conditions and lack of funds I thought to ask to Nouns DAO for funding in order to bootstrap the project and utilize Nouns brand as main driver of visibility and engagement. I think it is a win-win because Nouns strenghts its brand and gives chance to a new sub-community to be incepted.

About working hours, it really depends on the level of investments in automation that funds will allow for. Ideally, the space should be open 24/7 with standard 9 to 5 working hours for on site contributors in this case me. As you may understand 24/7 requires for security equipment and more stuff so I think it can be an option for the future.

Generally speaking I think the vision should be to experiment with this idea and try to create a replicable model, my wish would be to create a strong DAO able to acquire multiple properties in different cities/countries and be able to attract the best talents.

Souvenirs are certainly a good market to explore but I think art should be the primary business so the Nouns Gallery should be able to take profit from artists exhibition and promotion.

About the budget, I ask for the max amount Nouns allows for small grants and it would cover the inception expenses, then I think the Gallery has to be able to reach self sustainability and create its own business model.

Does NSFW fund 25 eth?
I thought their cap was at 8 eth.

don’t know tbh, I saw on Nouns website small grants range is 2-25 ETH.