Nouns ESL + Early Classrooms Materials

Proposal to design digital ESL products to create brand awareness of NOUNs and WEB3

What we will deliver:

-Printable, Nounimals ESL Coloring Books, ABC Tracing Guides Workbook, Kindergarten Math Workbook

-Printable, Nounimals ‘Colors’ Classroom poster

-Printable ‘nounimals matching’ card game set

Funding Required: 4 ETH (2 ETH for Proof of Concept / 2 ETH upon delivery)


We have recently begun using worksheets and materials that incorporate NOUNS ‘noggles’ at our school in Japan at the preschool and kindergarten levels and to a lesser extent at the elementary school level. Since character art and fashion are highly esteemed fields in Japan, end-users at even a very early age are quite specific and critical in their tastes. It was very pleasing to see how well received the Nounimals game and worksheets were received.

Our goal with this project is to kick off a series of printable classroom materials, as listed above to be made available for direct download by educators and parents in the NOUNS community worldwide.

The potential for classroom products and educational resources for the NOUNS brand is enormous, considering it’s meme-nature and positive, upbeat nature. Let’s spread the nounish feeling to each classroom around the world.

Why Nouns?

Since entering the NFT space as an artist and collector in September 202, CC0 projects have been a huge area of interest for me and my company. As a creator and educator, I have been using CC0 audio files for several years in the creation of education video and audio supplements.

About Us:

We are MUKIMU Workshop. Our ESL school is located in a Kagoshima City, a small town in the countryside of southern Japan. MUKIMU is a made up word meaning mental muscle, based the Japanese word, ‘muki-muki’.

MUKIMU was founded in 2013 by my wife and I (Mr.Brian Design) who both have a background in education and design. My wife was a seigner and product manager at New Era Japan (apparel) and my background is in the kids toy industry, specifically preschool and baby hardgoods. In the early 2000’s I was a leader in the toy art movement in New York. My resume includes; Alife NYC, Bandai, Biz Markie, Cube Works, Fisher Price, Hasbro, and Stussy Japan.

In 2009, while living in Tokyo as a stay home dad and designer, I began creating coloring books and ESL materials for my daughter and other kids in our apartment building. Eventually I began making my ESL materials as downloadable printables in the web 2.0 ecosystem. In 2011 I began working at a large Japanese kindergarten in Tokyo and quickly began learning the ESL industry and what was necessary to teach young kids a foreign language, lots of fun activities.

Since those early days I built a thriving local business with over a hundred students currently enrolled based on the library of ESL materials, including; self-published and downloadable workbooks, classroom posters, flashcards, and card games.

The concept of MUKIMU is active learning, to learn through doing. We help our students learn creative skills, we play games, sing, and dance and hold arts and crafts workshops.

My goal is to collaborate with the NOUNs Dao and community to produce and / or make available NOUNs based ESL and universal early learning education materials in the same fashion as I have been doing for the past decade. The NOUNs materials that I recently to use with my current studentswent over extremely well. The ESL communities throughout Japan, Asia, and the world is a strong channel to spread the NOUNish vibes and bring awareness to the NOUNs movement.

Here is a link to a short video showing the work I have been doing at my school in Japan with NOUNS worksheets and card games:

Contact Information

Mr.Brian Design | MUKIMU Workshop

1274-1 2F Yoshino-cho,

Kagoshima City, 892-0871 Japan

ムキムこども英会話 | ミスターブライアンデザイン

〒892-0871 鹿児島市吉野町1274−1 2F

Tel. /Fax: 099 295 4804

Email (English) :

Email (Japanese) :

Mr.Brian Design homepage:

Mr.Brian Design homepage:

MUKIMU homepage:

MUKIMU YouTube Channel:

MUKIMU Teachers Pay Teachers (marketplace)

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When were you hoping to complete the first run?


Haven’t been in discord or discourse this week, I’m traveling until Friday.
RE: the nounimals and printable s, I’ve already created a card game and nounimals coloring book (printable downloads) I’m planning to complete the remaining items within six weeks.

Thanks & Highest Regards,

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