Nouns Computer Lab in Uganda


While many of the hopes centered around crypto and web3 include opening up new possibilities for under-served communities worldwide, recent studies on the concentration of ownership of cryptocurrencies among a small number of people show that we still have work to do in order to achieve these hopes.

Nouns Dao can partner with an established organization to fund the opening of a computer lab at the MD Standard School in Iganga, Uganda. Once the school can gain electricity and basic security, the computer lab can be a space for students to continue their education and someday bring their own unique perspective and experimentations to the global decentralized internet community.

For a relatively small sum, the nouns can participate in building out the infrastructure to onboard a whole new community of young people into the internet age. If you decide this is a nounish proposal and even fund a portion, it will mean a lot to the lives of these young children.

Amount requested:

Option 1: $20k for Phase 1 only

Option 2: $135k to fund full project


Phase 1:

· Build a wall around school to prevent theft of wire and equipment: $20k

Phase 2:

· Installation of minimal electricity, doors and proper roofs for basic environmental sealing for classrooms to protect equipment: $20k

· Purchase of minimal hardware to start program (5 computers): $5k

Phase 3:

· Build of a new building to house lab with full environmental sealing including floors, sealed windows, electricity, and lockable doors: $90k

Phase 4:

· Teach students about the playground, and how to generate their own noun!


6 months for phase 1

1.5 years for full project

Official Link:

About Mawanda:

The Mawanda Project established MD Standard School in 2015 with just 15 students. Since then, the Nursery & Primary school has grown to over 180 students (ages 3-16) and 17 teachers/staff with an annual operating cost of approximately $40k. MD Standard School provides food and education to students who do not otherwise have an opportunity to attend school due to family hardship. We are a 100% volunteer-based 501c3 non-profit with all donations going directly to our efforts in Iganga, Uganda.

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I checked out the website. What a cool project. How did you get connected with it in the first place? I’d love to hear more about it! It would be neat to see how Nouns could be incorporated into your building and the curriculum through sponsorship like this. It would make an amazing video for Nounish if that proposal goes through as well.

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I am friends with the founder and I have been watching the program grow for several years. In addition to teaching the kids, they do a lot for the people of the local community. One of the students was just invited to represent Uganda in the African School Chess Championship in Liberia later this year! I think it would be cool to see what these kids could do with access to some of the web3 technologies!

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That would be really fun to see. I’ve often wondered how many geniuses live in places where they never get the educational opportunities to make their fullest impact on the world. It’s why I love projects like this. Unlocking so much potential in that town!