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I run a Chinese Podcast, Web3 Dokodemo Door, with my co-host Liumu that explores and shares our new findings in Web3.

We are super excited to become Lil Nouners in August! And We were thrilled to start a Lil Nouns sub-series in our Podcast. (Liumu & I are LilNouners, so we name it Lil Nouns series.)

Now there’re 4 episodes of our podcast in this series aiming to target newcomers to break the language barrier for the Chinese community; talking about what is Nouns and Lil Nouns, CC0, interesting proposals and other DAO/NFT-related topics.

As Chinese, especially mandarin(also I can speak Cantonese, maybe we can start a Cantonese version), is a widely used language and more Chinese communities are getting into the space; I feel it would be beneficial if we have a podcast in our native mother tongue for them to understand Noun/Lil Noun better and easier.

The Podcasts have already been posted on Spotify, Apple Podcast and the Xiaoyuzhou App(one of the most popular podcast platforms in China)

Now, we have published 3 episodes:

EP01 is about ‘What is CC0’ . As Nouns is one of the first CC0 NFT initiatives, we first talked with a CC0 enthusiast and Strxngers’s co-founder, Frank, about the concept and examples of CC0.

We talked about Nouns’ background and gave some basic information,(i.e auction way, art aspect, governance, current date from Dune) after doing desk research, like scanning through Punk4156’s Twitter post, listening to some related podcasts in English(bankless, Delphi digital), etc.

We invited Karl, an active Nouns builder in Singapore to share his Nouns journey from the beach clean-up, a public welfare activity to his recent goal of organizing a brilliant and self-sustain Nouns Carnival in Singapore.

His story is really inspiring, and we hope more Nouners in China and Singapore can take action to build a better Nouns community.

Karl then gave us some advice about how to write prosal / how to contribute to Nouns. I summarized it and write it down on paragraph:

In this episode, Eliade, a member and researcher of ConstructDAO, talked about the “A”(autonomous) issue: If a DAO cannot fully run on smart contracts and a decentralized network under predefined mechanisms, can it still be called a DAO? Do those organizations with low levels of autonomy create value? If there’s a spectrum describing how “A” a DAO is, one side is low level of autonomy(social layer), and the other side is high level, Nouns stands in the middle of the spectrum(maybe a little bit closer to the lower “A” side).
He believes that building culture by building something concrete is possible.

We reach out to more and more Chinese Lil Nouners through our podcast. I’d like to keep updating this series that highlights Lil Nouners of their stories, how they joined Lil Nouns, what they have in mind for Lil Nouns etc.

Nouns/Lilnouns, for me, is like a novelty search engine, enabling me to collect and integrate stepping stones as if I’m at the shore of the lake shrouded in a dense fog and intend to reach the other side. Now I see several stepping stones, like hyperstructure, Tessera’s special function to reconstituted fractionalized NFT(Nounlet), Zora… I want to dive into this exploring journey and share my findings(stepping stones) with listeners through the podcast.

The new episodes are coming…


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Multi-language podcasts and tools will be an important part of a strong growth strategy for all communities. We need to support Chinese + Nounish groups, ideas and concepts. We need to be part of the solution of the future. We need to be part of giving the Chinese people hope.



加油小屏! :blush: :rainbow:
Good luck, dear!

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