Nouns Almanac to 300 libraries in 30 countries

The Nouns Almanac is publishing a book featuring the first 256 Nouns ever minted and is looking to expand its reach through the largest and most significant libraries in the world.

Each Noun receives their very own full page feature including all their special Noun traits, Nouns owner details, mint date and one to two sentences about Nouns in the context of all the Nouns in the book.

‘The Library Option’ gives the first 256 Noun Owners the opportunity to nominate a local library or school to receive a Nouns Almanac.

The 44 largest libraries in the world will also receive a copy of Nouns Almanac putting the Nouns in front of a collective annual visitor number of 34,500,000 people.


  1. The authoring, editing and design is already completed for the mammoth 310 page reference book.
  2. The website is in beta. password: nounsforlife1024
  3. The Manifold smart contract for public sales of Nouns Almanac is live.

Progress to date is self funded and public sales of the Nouns Almanac will cover costs through initiatives such as the Nouns Owner Invitation.

Nouns Owners are invited to receive a box of 6 Nouns Almanacs personalised with a Noun they own and 1-2 sentences about their Noun. Read more.

MintFace is asking, subject to the concept of ‘The Library Option’ being accepted, for seed funding of 30 eth to print and distribute high quality, printed copies to libraries nominated by Noun owners and the largest libraries of the world.

Logistics and administration 5 eth
warehouse, picking, packing and packaging 6 eth
Printing costs 9 eth
Courier direct and indirect shipping costs 10 eth

30 eth in total funded to the nounbook.eth treasury controlled by MintFace.eth.

Need - Nouns proliferation in real life through libraries are an untapped source of distribution. Noun owners get to decide which libraries get Nouns Almanacs first.

Capability - Previous successfully delivered projects include the Minted book featuring 100 NFT artists. Read more.

Opportunity - Nouns Owners get to decide the location that Nouns Almanacs are delivered to.

Without funding for the libraries, there will be no public library allocation for Noun Almanacs. The Nouns Almanac will continue to be published with book sales covering the investment and copies making their way into the homes of Nouns owners and supporters directly.

Thank you for considering the project. I look forward to your feedback before officially putting the proposal on-chain.


I really love this idea. It would be a cool thing to see these in all the big libraries so early, they will be iconic books.
While I don’t own a Noun as of yet, I would 100% appreciate one of these customised for mine if I did.

You have a supporter in me.

This is great!
Probably one of the most important art books to have on your center table in the near future.
Next to Messhup’s coloring ones.
Looking forward to it.


thank you for the feedback Benbodhi. I appreciate it.

yes! It is a large format book so it will look right at home on a centre coffee table Leo.


I don’t own a noun but I love the idea,
I have two questions:
What is the quality/thickness/weight/glossiness of the paper?
How guarantee nouns holder anonymity/security while shipping them the book?

The quality is derived from hand making the book block once printed, and section sewing the spine. These two elements transform the feel of the book.

The paper weight is 150gsm which is thicker than it would normally need to be, by 20gsm…but is worth it for the rigidity of the sewing.

Nouns owners can maintain privacy the same way anon artists received their book for Minted. Three options;

  1. ship to address that only Mintface sees.
  2. ship to a PO Box address.
  3. ship to a business address.

All three are ok.

A question for you… would you buy a copy even not owning a Noun?

Thanks again for your interest!



That’s a good question, I would buy a copy if It one of my proposal would have passed on (I didn’t create any yet). Then I would want to showcase how badass my community is (as of now I’m on the outskirt of the community).

I would buy a copy, very cool concept!

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woohoo! you can join the email list via my twitter @mintfaced for when it is released. Thank you Sook.

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I want to just add, that I would absolutely purchase this regardless of owning a noun.


This looks amazing

I think you should offer this for sale online and many nouns and community members would buy one

However, I do not think it is worth the relatively high 30 ETH expense to send these to libraries all over the world where no one will see them. There is huge value to having a digital presence that everyone can see - and little value to having a physical presence that no one can see and is only there for symbolic purposes


Thanks for the feedback Noun22. The Nouns Almanac is available via Amazon here: Nouns Almanac: Every day a new Noun is born: Face, Mint: 9780473630256: Books

It is in hardcover and RRP is $USD69.69. Libraries are unlikely to purchase from Amazon and I do believe that for a kids book in the kids section, the Nouns Almanac will be poured over by kids.

The digital presence for the Nouns Almanac is setup at: Nouns Zone is a different experience and not one that is optimised for children who love books.

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Would it be feasible to do just a few (potentially through small grants) of the top libraries at a much lower cost? The New York Public Library has a huge # of visitors per year and the city is a crypto hub.


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Yes it would be possible via Amazon distribution but the book quality is passable rather than jaw-dropping and 85% of the money goes to Amazon rather than independents.

If you would like to make a proposal to order and distribute the Nouns Almanac via Amazon, here is the link to order from: