Nouns Almanac 2nd Edition Book Development

tl:dr The Nouns Almanac 2nd Edition book development extends the Nouns featured in the First Edition book by another 256 Nouns, showcasing a total of 512 Nouns across both book editions.

:blue_book: Project: Nouns Almanac Second Edition
:money_mouth_face: Funding: 25 Ξ
:ship: Ship date: Dec 10th 2022 (in time for Christmas shopping for kids presents)

What Is Nouns Almanac 2nd Edition

The Nouns Almanac is a second reference guide physical book featuring the next 256 Nouns born. Each Noun receives a full page feature including unique traits, commentary and buyer details as at the publication date.

The Nouns Almanac Series is a physical note of record and a physical snapshot in time for every 256 Nouns born.

Publication Dates

:white_check_mark: Nouns Almanac 1st Edition: May 16th 2022
:ballot_box_with_check: Nouns Almanac 2st Edition: December 10th 2022

Nouns Featured

:notebook_with_decorative_cover:Nouns Almanac 1st Edition: 0 - 256
:blue_book:Nouns Almanac 2st Edition: 257 - 512

Success To Date

The first Nouns Almanac was well received by Amazon shoppers ranking #1 in children’s cartoon books and #2 in Digital Art books. A month later the Nouns Almanac ranks in the Top 250 books in both categories. The first edition book has been purchased by a number of the Noun community and retweeted by Punk4156 with many positive comments including:

“The Nouns Almanac is getting some serious use this summer, the kids are wild for it.”

“Excellent quality ser” @exlawyer.eth

“Looks good in print” @NounsTown

“Look ma, I’m in a coffee table book!” @gabrielayuso

Watch video of 1st edition inside book preview

Book Package

This is funding for a finished book that will be completed by MintFace’s publishing company UmPrint Publishing. The success of this proposal does not require a separate publisher. No additional funding is required to bring the book to market.


I’d like funding from the DAO so I can allocate time and resources to collate the data, write the chapters, complete the layout and expand on what was delivered through the Nouns Almanac First Edition. The package would include:

  1. A finished manuscript

  2. A completed final book layout of the full book (approx 320 pages)

  3. Feature articles written in consultation with Noun Extension Communities

  4. Cover art (draft shown below)

Cover Art

Noun 316 made a big splash on the scene in 2022 and was acquired by Bharat Krymo @krybharat. Bharat has been consulted and agreed to have his Noun ‘Bone, Thugs ‘n’ Harmony’ featured on the cover wrap design. All Nouns numbered 257 - 512 will also be featured on the front cover.

**Nouns Almanac Second Edition Front Cover and Back Cover Design

Project Activities

  • Data extraction from OpenSea owners, date minted and Noun number
  • Document traits minted 257 - 512 and add to First Edition trait database
  • Updated Nouns Zone front end website with mint data
  • Write Nouns extension chapter featuring notable extension projects
  • Copy editing to ensure language in the manuscript follows the rules of standard English and adheres to a Nounish style
  • Proof reading to review for clarity and readability as well as flow, grammar, word usage, spelling, and punctuation
  • Create Book Layout of Nouns Almanac Second Edition

Completion Date

The goal is to have the book published and available from Amazon by December 10th 2022 in time for purchasing for Christmas gifts. :gift::christmas_tree:

Nouns Almanac 2nd Edition Book Development

Professional book editor 5 Ξ

Data extraction and updating of website 2 Ξ

MintFace team article writing, design and layout 15 Ξ

Provision for ethereum price movement @ 10% = 2.5 eth

Wallet to receive funds: nounbook.eth 0xC185d966F64480BEDb2ED458E7d1A1e29d95231C

Total Funds Requested: 24.5 eth

The Nouns Almanac First Edition book is already proliferating Nouns through the Amazon global distribution network, now lets keep the momentum by releasing the Nouns Almanac Second Edition

About Me

Serial creatoooor. I recently published ‘Minted’ Artists on the blockchain and the Nouns Almanac First Edition and founded the Digital Artist Economy workshop through the A16Z funded invite only Maven platform.

Contact MintFace on Twitter: @mintfaced

I am also the creator of MintFace, curator for Punk6529 galleries, and have a number of digital properties for the Open Metaverse (om) including the Nouns District under development.

Minted book featuring 100 artist (left). MintFace aka Cryptophunk 457 (right)

I have published a number of business books prior to NFTs and held senior leadership roles in corporate telecoms organisations in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and have run my own boutique media agency. My claim to fame is I and built one of the first 5,000 eCommerce websites in the world selling mp3 players back in 1998.

Thank you in advance considering this proposal!

Ryan aka MintFace


Unsolicited feedback, but would you consider changing the cover for the 2nd edition?

Id love to have this as a coffee table book, but the current cover(s) just ain’t doing it for me. Id like something more subtle.

Happy to jam on ideas together if you’re open to changing this.

Edit: I realize this might’ve come across as impolite. Not my intention! Just being blunt as I do see the cover aesthetics as a major selling point.

The proposal looks excellent! Given the success of the first outstanding book, the second edition seems to be a natural next step.

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This proposal is well laid out. MintFace already has a track record not just with a variety of other project, but also the first nouns almanac. It seems a logical not step to continue to almanac. I’m old enough to remember having the encyclopaedia Britannica on my parent’s shelf. Having a complete and expanding collection of Nouns Almanac as more and more nouns come into existence gives me real nostalgic feelings, while referencing the lexicon and art of our current times. R+ from me

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looks cool and i hear this first one is great. i would support helping finance you to cover your costs + a retroactive reward but i think right now the compensation you have outlined might be a little much.

20 ETH to make the book
$24,000 to have this made seems excessive. if you want to reach out to me directly on discord, i’d be happy to discuss how Small Grants might be able to fund this at a lower cost

2 ETH for the website
depending on what your vision for the website is and the work it entails, this could make sense, but i would need more detail on the site

2.5 ETH because ETH is volatile
this should be removed

Thanks for the feedback Noun22.

You can see more detail on the site mentioned in the proposal includes Noun 0 - 256 featured in the Nouns Almanac First Edition.

Thanks for the feedback Dino.

Thanks for the feedback TNorth.

Thanks for the feedback Krel.

I’m pretty happy with the aesthetic for the Nouns cover. It is my own artistic vision for the Nouns. It is a bonus that is has been well received to date. I also don’t expect a 100% love this.

Your idea of a more subtle cover was initially considered. I did some test runs with kids and adults and the results were split. Kids loved the busy look. Adults loved the subtle look. I opted to let the kids win.

Thanks again for the comments.

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Do you have any data to share on what the costs for the first edition were and how many books were sold? I’m curious about this information for a lot of round two or what I would call legacy projects. I think it makes a lot of sense for the DAO to fund new ideas and take the risk out of them, but once a product is proven viable, and since there is no cost for licensing, it makes sense to just make the product, build your brand, and keep the profits as your reward. If it’s not viable, then does it make sense to fund it again?

It’s an interesting topic to me that will have to be considered more and more as the Nouns brand and governance model move forward.

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Thanks mintface, if im not the intended audience here i fully respect that :saluting_face::100:

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I’m in support of this. I hope to be able to collect a whole shelf full over the years.

Suggestion came up recently, would be cool for the outside spines to make an image or complete something as you get each 10 maybe… so say a decade of almanacs would create fancy spine art on the shelf :slight_smile:

I think this a classy way to collect nouns IRL and share with frens and family.

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That’s a really good idea Benbodhi and one I would support. A special limited edition box set of four was always part of the plan to encapsulate the first 1024 Nouns. We could incorporate your idea into this box set.

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Amazon takes approx 90% of RRP for their part in marketing, listing, printing and shipping the book.

There is little meaningful margin in each book unless sales got into the five to six figures of units.

Currently only auto biography and recipe book categories tend to hit that level of sales.

Amazing! How exciting.
Love the idea of a box set of 4!
1st edition is on its way to me still, I’ll grab all of them as they’re released and can’t wait to get my hands on a box set too if they happen to come with some extra packaging/container or something.


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How many were printed and sold in round 1?

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10 books in last 3 weeks.

I would expect ~100-250 books a year via Amazon, with most to sell at Christmas as broader Noun proliferation begins to bring searches for Noun related reading material. If / wen a book chain decides to stock, then volume goes up substantially.

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