Nouns 3D-printed fashion collection: Updates + follow-on proposal

What’s in this update?

  1. Reporting on deliverables for my initial proposal (milestones 1+2)
  2. New proposal for milestones 3+4
  3. Potential opportunity with Metaverse fashion week

Reporting on the progress on my initial proposal

I have completed milestones #1 and #2 (Research + Design) for which I got funded in my initial proposal.

Here’s the final sketch for the collection’s 7 outfits, each of them inspired by a different noun which I liked:

I am making progress with patternmaking, modeling and rendering the outfits (milestone #3). Here is my process, if you’re curious:

I have also started testing prints (milestone #4), which I think the community has been really excited about (check out this Twitter thread!):

Roadmap & Progress:

  1. :white_check_mark: Research - Inspiration board, material research, printing samples
  2. :white_check_mark: Design - sketches
  3. STARTED: Patternmaking/Rendering/Modeling - 3D modeling the sketches into 3D-printable files
  4. STARTED: Print Testing - testing many different types of printers, configurations, materials etc
  5. :dress: → NEW (potential) milestone: Participate in Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW)
  6. Printing finals - printing the entire collection
  7. Assembling - using different techniques (e.g. gluing, knotting, etc) to assemble the collection together
  8. Photoshoot (with real-life models) - for press materials, websites, AR filter etc
  9. Runway show - either invited to showcase at an event like, fashion weeks etc’
  10. Marketing - prepare press kit, the collection get PR, is booked for events, and showcases galleries & museums

3DP research

I have a partnership with a lab where we create all kind of filaments for 3D-printing textiles. We will be developing special filaments for the collection’s color palette. More on this in the next update!

New proposal for: milestone 3+4 - Patternmaking, Rendering & Modeling, as well as continued Print Testing

I am working with 3 different experts for this part of the project:

  • Patternmaking: I have partnered with Optitex, a leading fashion design software company, who are working with me on patternmaking for the colleciton free of charge.
  • Modeling: I am working with a very talented modeler to turn my sketches and the patterns into 3D files that are printable.
  • Rendering: I am working with a brilliant 3D designer to create beautiful renderings of the collection, to be used in the Metaverse, or with potential 3D-printable NFTs, and generally to market the collection in the digital realm.

Here is an example of what a model looks like (these files will be used for 3D printing):

Here is what Rendering looks like:

Here’s the proposed budget for this milestone:

  • Modeling 7 outfits (15 items): 4.6 ETH
  • Rendering 7 outfits (15 items): 2.3 ETH
  • Prints tests: 1 ETH
  • My work (around 3 months) 7.6 ETH
  • Total = 15.5 ETH

This would bring the project up to now to a total spend of 18.65 ETH (3.15 + 15.5), which is approx $53K in USD value. I now expect the total cost of the project to be around $100-150K, depending on printing costs and marketing costs (mainly photoshoot/runway).

A potential opportunity: participating in the Metaverse Fashion Week

I have been approached by the organizers of the first Metaverse Fashion Week on Decentraland (MVFW) to bring this collection to the event. I am still in discussions with them on the format and whether it will be on the main runway (which costs money) or on a side runway (which is free). I am hoping we can secure the main runway spot, which will be amazing - it will bring the collection a lot of attention and will be shown next to the biggest fashion brands. This would be really awesome to proliferate nouns to new audiences!

The work on milestone 3 will provide the files we would need for a Decentraland runway show. We may need to add funding if we need to pay for our participation. I will hopefully get more information from DCL and i’ll update you on this soon!

Thank you all for the support. This must be one of the most exciting projects I have worked on!

Stay Nounish!
Danit ⌐◨-◨


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Here’s the gif of the rendering (had to be less than 4mb):


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Hey Danit! Congrats on fulfilling the proposed work. The whole project feels very much at the edge of a unique mash up of tech + fashion + crypto. I’d love for the dao to continue to fund your efforts in the exploration of this space. Full support from me.

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Thank you for your support Seneca!! I’m also excited about this combo!! I really hope for it to get accepted in the main event in DCL it can be such an epic moment for the community: a crypto native CC0 brand like the Nouns, in its first fashion-related project represented in this crypto-native DCL event! If anyone from the community can help push it forward I would love to know <3

Hi Danit,

Thanks for sharing the update with all these images, looking forward to supporting this!

You mentioned working with a few other people for the modeling/rendering – will their work also take place in the same 3 month timeframe as your work?

Hi Oni, thanks so much for asking. These are the quotes I got from them to make the entire collection (modeling + rendering). It should take them less than 3 months, and they have actually already started working. We might need some small editing and yes I’ll include it in my next proposal.

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As I am getting ready to put this proposal on-chain, I wanted to update that I unfortunately made a mistake in my calculation of the ETH budget for the modeler. And it’s actually ($20K), so about 7 ETH, and not 4.6 ETH. A total of 17.9 ETH for this proposal.

Sorry about this mistake! The proposal is going to be on-chain soon so I would love to hear any feedback before it goes up!

Danit :pray: ⌐◨-◨

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Following up on the Metaverse Fashion Week opportunity (MVFW) that’s starting on March 24, I have some updates and a request for funding from Small Grants to get some PR for our participation.


  • Our collection is going to be at MVFW in decentraland, on the catwalk & in the curator’s gallery
  • I mentioned this potential opportunity in my recent on-chain proposal
  • Participation is free, but I would like to augment it with funding some PR work to make sure we maximize exposure to the collection’s story in the fashion world!

Here’s what we have been invited to do at the Decentraland MVFW by its Lead Curator, David Cash:

  • Decentraland Catwalk: includes 3-5 of the collection’s looks on the MVFW catwalk. The collection will present at MVFW together with the top brands. Usually this has an inclusion fee but we were invited to do so for free (still need to pay 100 MANA, ~$250, per garment to upload to DCL). (Deck)

  • CashLab’s Gallery : Presenting at CashLab’s gallery (David invited us to do so for free)

PR by CashLabs - I think the key with our collection is to get it talked about in the media. This will help proliferate Nouns and will tell an awesome story (probably the first fashion collection funded by a DAO!).

David’s agency is working with the world’s top brands to promote this story in fashion and top publishers like Vogue, NYT, WWD… But as you know he can’t guarantee any placements.

I asked David to make a proposal to be included in this PR work and this is what he suggested he can do for $14K:

  • Writing of a tailored press release to share with our contacts
  • Sending a press release to 20 outlets and following up with those interested
  • Integration into pitches for Vogue IT + Vogue Singapore + NYT + WWD & other key pubs

David has been really wonderful and generous in helping us get into the MVFW, and present in his gallery and has already invited me to pre record panels for the MVFW conference as well. I think his team will do a great job and we will probably get some great press covering the Nouns 3D-printed fashion collection!

Given the timeline, I thought the best way to get funding for this would be to ask the small grants committee.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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Hey DANIT, did you manage to get funding for that proposed PR work? I was unable to find it in the Small Grants sheet and I believe it wasn’t included in the on-chain proposal.

Hi Danit, are there any stills or video of the models on the runway? would ove to see a video of the show . I was unable to see it live but the set up was very cool