Nounliness Is Next To Good Godliness!

democard good god

I’m developing an adult party card game similar to Cards Against Humanity. I think it would be cool to use a Noun on the cover of the box, I also have plans to incorporate at least one Noun as a game card (see example).

Credit for cover art will be prominent with listed as the source.

I intend to create NFT’s in general for marketing and perks for preorders, etc. Later add-ons may only be digital and act as a bridge between a physical IRL game and digital NFT’s.

I leave it up to the amazing brains behind Nouns to decide if they like the idea of this game or not - if so, I think it could make a great collaboration opportunity to put Nouns on a product that everyday people will see and appreciate, as well as prominently linking back to Nouns.

The game is tailored to ages 17+, however I do have the intent of creating a kid friendly version (Good Golly) which I think would be a great opportunity for Nouns as well.

The link to the game project page is below. I am still writing out the cards, but the concept is very easy to grasp. Thanks for looking. Please reach out to me here or via the game’s discord channel with questions/comments! I would love to partner with Nouns to spread The Good God Word!

Game website (WIP):


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