Nounite: Hello World!


Nounite is a fantasy world inspired by NounsDAO. The word Nounite is a mixture of “Nouns” and “dynamite” referring to an amazing combination. Residents of this fantasy world are also referred to as Nounites (Noun + ite).

Nounite was created to showcase the true strength of CC0 and the amazing things that one can achieve through the incredible mix of decentralization and freedom of creativity. Taking pixels to create characters, landscapes, cities, continents and essentially worlds; Nounite is all you can and can not imagine. The first episode of Nounite “A Cold Dish” introduces us to a few characters that were all inspired by Nouns. Nouns 63, 79, 117 and 121 have all inspired different characters in the first episode of the first chapter.

Nounite - Chapter 01 Episode 01 - A Cold Dish is currently available on Mirror.

For now, our medium is that of words, poetry and literature; but we won’t be limiting ourselves. The universe that we’re building might extend to splash art, visual representations of characters and other elements of Nounite, short movies and more.

All the Nounite content that we’re producing will be available to anyone and everyone from all over the world. If you wish to stay updated on our current and future content then our official Twitter is the only place you’ll need to follow. Future episodes will also be released through our official Mirror page.

As stated before, we don’t require a budget to function, but if you’d wish to donate or support us in this journey we’d be very grateful. Nounite.eth is our only active and official ENS and it will act as our tipjar.

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Please do not work for free. Writing is a 24/7 job; even when you aren’t at the computer you are editing sentences in your head, going over the outline, connecting thematic threads from chapter 3 to chapter 14, etc.