Nounish Playground - The Game

Very thoughtful proposal. For myself as a casual gamer, I’d probably be a user once or twice then be done. It’s hard to get something like this sticky within a group of users if the app is both Nouns tutorial and “fall guys clone”.

I’m more interested in seeing a mobile game that is purpose-built for an event that can bring millions of eyeballs at once.

Something like the 10 day competition Bored Ape Yacht Club competition “Apes Vs Mutants” on mobile or Finger on the App by Mr. Beast X MSCHF.

Happy to brainstorm with you on this!


I think the DAO should see your previous work and more detailed past experiences before considering funding – building fun, balanced, compelling games is very hard and the products are competing in an ultra competitive market for consumers attention/time


In my opinion, these areas are the most interesting in the current realities.

As for everything else, this is certainly cool, but significant resources are needed for all this, and these are not only material resources.

Watch the video proposal:point_down: