Nounify the Delivery Room

In a dive bar…
A few weeks ago…
Two dads eating burgers, talking Nouns…

DAD 1: “What do you think proliferates the most in the world?”
DAD 2: “In the world? Not what, who.”
DAD 1: (Confused look)
DAD 2: Humans are the most successful at proliferation.

After that conversation, those thoughts (that humans proliferate the most) sat with me. Then slowly an idea began to form and I’ve started doing research, networking, and gathering the appropriate information. I’m not looking to rush on-chain rather I want to figure out the best direction first. Think of this as a temperature check before I spend more time.

What I’m looking for today is:

  • thoughts and critiques
  • thoughts on if this vibes with the community
  • thoughts on which route most nounish.

If you’re in America and a family member has given birth than more likely or not— your little one was wrapped immediately in a swaddle (with either a basic pink and blue line design or a ducky pattern.) My kids were, my friends kids from across America were too.

I guess, there’s a monopoly on baby swaddles. NPR did an article, check it - BORN IN THE USA? THIS BLANKET MIGHT LOOK FAMILIAR? NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

When we asked you for photos of your newborns swaddled in a familiar pink-and-blue-striped receiving blanket, we never imagined such an amazing response. We received nearly 2,000 photos featuring your precious little ones, most of them with that same iconic blanket. We had submissions from 45 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, plus D.C.

What if-- there was a way, to nounify every birth in America (lol, not that large yet, but one day) and proliferate the meme by new parents sharing photos of their newborns wrapped in nounish swaddles or onesies?

It’s all about curiosity.

I’ve met with numerous medial cloth and manufacturing companies and there’s two possible pathways forward:

  1. Start with a head start - by partnering with a manufacturer who has footholds in hospitals whose products have gone through proper testing and approval. The problem Medline has an iron grip with swaddles (particularly) in hospitals because their CoGs are so low and these products get taken home every day by new parents.

Cons - So you’d probably have to pivot and do a program like some west coast (ucla) hospitals have started to do — give out free neonatal onesies to all newborns. I have contacts in the company that does UCLA’s and many others but there are cons like high CoGs and we’d really just be focusing on the graphic designer.

Pros - is this approach can be executed asap and a lower MOQs but not as great proliferation opportunity. (Get started anywhere from 10 ETH and more. Fyi I’d get full transparent budgets first this is just back of napkin math for context)

  1. Start from scratch - I’ve found one or two manufactures who suffer under Medlines swaddle grip and would be willing to work through a full design and approval process to make sure we create amazingly designed and comfortable swaddles that we can be proud of.

Cons - probably larger in cost and longer timeline. (Cost would probably start at 99 ETH to deliver because of all the testing and RD. Fyi I’d get full transparent budgets first this is just back of napkin math.)

Pros - complete control and once a swaddle is developed and approved we could really amplify the nounish charitable giving because a swaddle is much much much cheaper than a onesies to make. So much larger upside.

Why I think this is nounish?

  • it proliferates through art.
  • it proliferates through good works.
  • it proliferates through real press opportunities.
  • it proliferates by sparking curiosity because every new parent shares photos with family and friends of their newborns wrapped in the hospital swaddle. Then uncles and cousins and friends will see what is this kid wrapped in. Thus sparking curiosity.

What I hope the community can provide:

  • is this something people like?
  • is there a particular direction that anyone feels is better? My two sense is #2 but under a controlled and tight budget.
  • any other thoughts.

To be clear this is only an idea and not something that I’m fighting tooth and nail for. But if the community likes it would love to continue exploring.


Super interesting! I’m waivering back and forth between 1. This is really cool and the proliferation opportunities are endless and 2. I am a crazy person, no person would ever want such a thing for their newborn kid. They have much more to be concerned about than that.

So let me run down track #1 for a minute to brainstorm with you a bit. I’m not sure if swaddles themselves will be sufficient to drive a meaningful proliferation. Life with a new baby is obnoxiously busy, so I have trouble believing that it would be further explored without some additional triggers to make that exploration happen. Then I think, what if a QR code was cleverly printed into the swaddle somehow like what Nouns Coffee did with their posters. If scanned it goes to a site with all sorts of helpful info or a group online of nounish parents to share life with. What if the site had all kinds of learning games that could be played or NounSounds (@SuperTightWoody) capability so you can make some custom music for baby to jam with or nap to.

I think something like that could be really cool and fun as a new parent to explore. That being said, if would have to be all give and no take. A pure nounish good to help parents at that pivotal time of life. Otherwise, it could just come off as weird and maybe a little creepy.

What a unique idea though! I think it’s definitely worth exploring. I’d love to see what you have in mind for design and patterns. I think that would go a long way toward making this feel more real. And I could be way off base. Maybe just the swaddle is enough to start with on a smaller scale and some of those other ideas could be layered in as the proof of concept plays out. Might be a good prop house launchpad as well (2 ETH to design a swaddle and onesie and manufacture X amount of each.)