Nounify New York Fashion Week

Nounify New York Fashion Week

We want to Nounify New York Fashion week! By branding and collaborating on Advisry’s official calendar runway show in September, we will introduce Nouns to fashion in an illustrious way.


Nouns has effortlessly aligned itself with all realms of high art. As a young fashion label, we are aware of the shift in culture and believe the Nouns Glasses logo is the Nike swoosh of web3. We feel it is necessary for Nouns to be represented in the most iconic facet of fashion culture, the fashion runway show.

Nouns x Advisry Experience

What Nouns is working towards in the future of web3 aligns closely with the overall goals of Advisry. Advisry and Nouns both strive to build communities to give individuals a voice and platform to express themselves and their ideas on a bigger scale.

The Advisry X Nouns experience involves “In Real Life” events that bring our conglomerates together to communicate the importance of unity and change. Advisry wants to involve web3 in fashion and continue aligning with Nouns on potential future projects.


To Nounify the show and after party, we will:

  • Provide Advisry X Nouns POAPs to onboard show guests.
  • Provide Nouns gifts for every show guest.
  • Brand Nouns EVERYWHERE at the venue for the show and after party.
  • Include Nouns pieces & looks designed by Keith Herron on the runway.

The Show

In September Advisry will be showing their first womenswear collection at New York Fashion Week. The collection titled, “Masculin Feminin” aims to capture gender inclusivity through 32 looks of traditional and nontraditional womenswear.

Nouns On The Runway

Advisry will include Nouns Sunglasses that will be featured in one of the looks in the runway show. Along with this, one of the models will graze the runway with the Nouns Soft Trunk. There will be two Nouns-themed looks in the show.


  • A classical trunk shape & hardware, but no wooden frame - it will be made of vegan leather with gold plated .925 silver hardware - structured so it will maintain shape
  • The classic Advisry checkerboard monogram will be embossed into the leather - the nouns glasses will be screenprinted on the bag
  • Made in Italy


The show will take place in the Oculus NYC, an artistic landmark located at The World Trade Center. We will be the first of many fashion brands to utilize this as a show space, which is on its way to becoming one of the new homes of New York Fashion Week.

The Oculus NYC is located in one of the most heavily foot trafficked areas in all of New York. The building is packed with many storefronts, an NJTransit & major MTA station hub, and was once even home to a Kanye West music video in 2019.

Set Production

  • Dress the runway with Parisian style cafe chairs and tables where guests will be seated
  • Light the show with Parisian style street lamps that are manually operated to highlight models by turning on and off as they walk the runway


Fund Advisry to:

  • Occupy the Oculus NYC space for the show and after party
  • Produce all garments and accessories for the show
  • Execute the set design of the show
  • Create collaborative pieces to seed and sell to Nouns new and growing audience of luxury consumers
  • Build out a team to produce, fabricate, style, cast, and model the Masculin Feminin Show
  • Brand Nouns throughout the venue using Vinyl, Signage, Video, and more


  • Nouns X Advisry T-shirt collaboration to be gifted and/or sold at the after party
  • Nouns branded drinks at the after party
  • Nouns signage and video being played throughout the venue
  • Nouns branding on all invites and Ads posted by Advisry

Billboard: a 60’ x 12’ Nouns billboard placed outside of the Oculus, designed by Advisry’s creative director, Keith Herron. This billboard will reach beyond our fashion week audience and be seen by the heavy traffic of tourists and locals walking through the historic Oculus Space.

According to the City of New York data last updated on June 30 2022, the Oculus has an average foot traffic of 16,000 people per day

How does this benefit Nouns

New York Fashion Week is one of the most iconic and respected events in the global fashion industry. By working side by side we will transform the view of Nouns as not only having a “luxury” side of the brand with sunglasses and high quality garments, but also having a leg in the always changing industry of fashion.

Nouns holders in NYC will have the opportunity to place their name on our guest list for the runway show and all after parties using an alias to keep identities private.

With past coverage from Vogue, GQ, Forbes, WWD, CFDA, and more we believe we can bring Nouns to the forefront of fashion journalism.

A multi-faceted branding opportunity that not only reaches the show audience but also the city of New York

Why work with Advisry?

Advisry is a fashion, film, and music label based in NYC. Keith Herron, 22 year old founder and designer, began Advisry when he was in 8th grade and has been growing the brand ever since. Keith has sold Advisry to 35 different countries, was awarded the Gucci Changemakers scholarship and was most recently added to the Designer’s Hub of CFDA: a members-only incubator of American Designers joining the likes of Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Virgil Abloh, and many more.

Last spring Advisry debuted on the runway at NYFW. In his first live show, Keith designed 37 looks and packed out the venue with over 150 people in attendance.

The fashion industry is very gate kept. There is no actual way to break through the industry in an official way without working with a brand that has already broken through. Historically, the way brands get the opportunity to be on the official fashion calendar is by spending many seasons producing their own runway shows independent of the fashion calendar, hoping to gain the attention of the CFDA.

The benefit of collaborating with Advisry is it gives Nouns an authentic introduction and inclusion into the fashion industry. Not only is Advisry an up and coming line making a lot of noise for its unique approach, but the brand has also collaborated on web3 drops in the past. Keith was the designer of the Advisry X CreatureWorld clothing collection, one of the most successful physical web3 drops to date.


  • Jean-Michel Basquiat Collaboration

Advisry and The Estate of Jean-Michel Basqiuat are collaborating on 10 different pieces that will be debuted on the Advisry runway and be shown later on in the month at the Basqiuat museum. This is among the first collaborations ever that the family of Jean-Michel personally handpicked and approved. The pieces are the first of their kind to utilize never before seen artworks by Jean-Michel.

The fashion show will be closed with three Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration looks as Lolo Zouai and the orchestra play a cover performance of Tu M’as Trop Ment.

  • Adidas Collaboration

Advisry and Adidas are collaborating on a shoe silhouette designed by Keith Herron that will be featured on many looks throughout the runway show. The shoes will be constructed by hand in New York City

  • NOUNS Collaboration

Featured as one of few collaborations in the fashion show alongside Adidas and Basquiat, with a trunk designed by Keith Herron alongside highlighting the physical glasses on the models. The Nouns collaboration completes the trio - highlighting fine art, heritage footwear, and the future of intellectual property.


All production costs of the show will be split with Advisry evenly

Nouns collaboration production: $25,500

  • Nouns x Advisry Soft Trunks: $1,500
  • Nouns Branding: $10,000
  • Clothing Production: $14,000

Venue: $11,500

  • Rental Price: $10,000
  • Insurance: $1,500

Set Design: $10,000

  • Cafe table and chair rentals: $5,000
  • Parisian style street lamps: $2,000
  • Audio: $2,000
  • Lighting: $1,000

Team: $5,000

  • Producer: $2,000
  • Stylist: $1,000
  • Show runner: $500
  • Models: $1,500

Total: $52,000



Having Nouns in an official NYFW show would be guaranteed press that brings the DAO to thousands of new eyes. The prospect of Nouns being one of 3 collaborations alongside Adidas and Basquiat(!) is insane. Would love to see this prop passed.

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Thank you! We believe officially showcasing Nouns on the runway during one of the most popular weeks in NYC is a huge opportunity for the DAO to be seen in a new light. Being recognized by the most respected fashion magazines and blogs in the industry will give Nouns visibility in a market of full of opportunities.

advisry, rooftop and team are rising stars in the fashion and entertainment industry. love how they have are utilizing web3 to continue to grow their brand


Thanks for your comment! We believe web3 and fashion will seamlessly grow closer as time goes on and we want to be at the forefront of bringing awareness to the utilization and possibilities of web3 within the fashion community.

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100% down to support with NOUNish Noggles and any accessories and AR assets

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Amazing! Thank you!!

This looks like a reasonable cost high visibility and high level of discovery of the brand . Price seems reasonable. I would ask if it is possible to get soem behind the scense documentation or even have the NOUNs documentary team record the build and some of the show?

I think that it would make for an epic story as well as an incredible set of photography Add our IRL NOGGLES and we will have the absolute perfect photo ops


We were planning to document show prep and behind the scenes internally but would love to do this with the Nouns doc team! Think it would be great to have the Nouns doc team work with us on capturing the one of a kind processes that go into putting together a fashion show. I am also sure many Nouners would really enjoy getting a closer look at New York Fashion Week being Nounified!

Could you possibly point me in the right direction on who I should reach out to to get ahold of the Nouns doc team? Thanks


Like the idea of documenting this. Seems like it could help further propagate outside of the fashion circles.

Unlike nounsbrand, I’m not entirely sold on the trunk with noggles — doesn’t feel as thoughtful at a glance?

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Hi krel, thanks for your feedback! The soft trunk design is a reference and ode to custom Goyard and Gucci trunks made for their premier clients. They Screenprint their client’s names and or logos on the baggage to make them custom. The more thoughtful side of the design is the altering of the trunk itself - changing it from wooden frame structure to a more soft leather structure, similar to a luxury duffle. This trunk design is intended to be immediately iconic due to the pure crossover of a nouns logo with Advisry’s monogram, however, we are open to redesigning a new bag shape for this project if time permits!

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ah that context adds a lot of meaning to the choice

As an executive producer of feature films and docs, happy to help collaborate planning and execution on any footage needs required for Nouns.


Appreciate all the support we are getting here - I think the more Nouners we bring in the better we can execute on Nounifying NYFW.


This would be amazing, Game change for DAO community


Thank you, we feel that it would be a game changer as well.


This is a valuable proposal. Helping see nouns in a luxuries way not yet seen before.


Really hope this gets through! Was a big fan of the creatures x advisry merch, and with the other brands featured on this runway this is a great opportunity.


I would like to address some concerns brought up to us in private messages regarding our proposal and would love to hear more peoples overall thoughts.

Concerns / Thoughts

  1. Clarity on Documentary

We apologize for the confusion regarding the inclusion of the documentary in our proposal. We now have found an experienced producer that has worked within the Nouns community and have begun formulating a plan with him to execute this at the highest level. We feel very passionate about the documentary and are trying to make it happen in any way possible. Once a plan is formulated we can share with you all and internally discuss potentially funding this with a separate small grant or funding from an outside party. Per our producer, funding conversations for the documentary are dependent on the proposal passing.

  1. Visibility for IRL activation

We would like to stress that this event is different than a traditional installation in that the nature of fashion runway shows exist far beyond the event itself. Runway shows become immortalized in a digital format, which is what the majority of the world sees. Advisry’s show will live on, the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s website, and YouTube forever. Along with this, fashion shows are also consumed by photos of each individual “look,” meaning some people simply look at the clothes in photos rather than watch the full show. Nouns will be included in all of this, forever. Runway shows are something people go back and look at very intensely for the entire season (whole year). Stylists reference these shows for press pulls which could land Nouns pieces in magazine editorials, cover shoots with celebrities, music videos, live performances, and more. We seriously want to stress that it took us many collections and 8 years of work in fashion to get to this point, and we simply want to grow the power of community and make a statement here with Nouns. There’s a reason why the runway show is the single most important event for any brand of their entire year.

  1. Lacking Nounish-ness

We must be transparent in that the event won’t be nouns focused, but we want to include nouns in a way that does not feel like a sponsorship. Like mentioned prior there will be 3 Nouns looks in the show. Nouns logo’s will be branded in multiple ways throughout the show including nouns glasses on VIP invites (that way the Nouns Glasses will be immediately recognizable on the runway), guests will be gifted Nouns X Advisry wine bottles and wine openers, and the Nouns logo will be placed on all physical and digital advertisements. Nouns will be a prominent theme throughout the IRL event and the digital existence of the fashion show. The documentary aspect of the proposal is where there will be direct connection to nouns, as we plan to make it the center of the storyline - how Nouns was able to contribute to the realization of a runway show. This premise is something that many people, specifically artists, might believe to be impossible as art purists have spent so much time avoiding web3 entirely.

  1. Twisted Fashion Industry

Fashion itself gets a bad wrap in some communities due to the glitz and glamour of the crowd and poor ideals of its consumers, but above all it is an art form. We hold this statement to the utmost when creating, and we believe art is for everybody, no matter the medium. The industry is extremely gatekept and has been for its entire existence and we are looking to challenge the industry. That’s where the documentary comes in, to help us and Nouns portray the importance of community to break through barriers. We are not in the fashion industry to perpetuate its shallow ideals. We want to show how we can shatter the gates of fashion, and with the help of Nouns we can do just that. Furthermore, we are making the doc in hopes of it relating to other creatives of many different mediums to utilize web3 technology to support real art - at any level. Sure, we have studied the successors of the fashion world but we do not hold the same values. Our goal is to make fashion a community that we can all access, enjoy, and feel welcome in - just like the community that the Nounders have built here! Advisry is in a special position to achieve this. A similar opportunity to be directly involved in an official runway show may not come again for a very long time, and us executing this could pave the way to it being more common.