Nounfrica Champs: A Nounfrica initiative to empower players of African indeginous sports

•Nounfrica Champions is an initiative that empowers players of indigenous sports to do things,meet people and visit places that inspire and enable them to realize their full potential. #NounfricaChamps

•An indeginous sports team ran by Nounfrica.

•Requesting 2 ETH to be funded by small grants/NSFW for a proof of concept with our first member.

I am proposing a pilot program with our first member to validate the idea before firing on all cylinders for expansion. The grant will cover a 1 to 2 months of travel expenses for visiting film spots.

Nounfrica Champ #1: Rashid Azeez (Donkey race jockey)

Rashid Azeez is the Maulid Donkey Race defending champion,with 2 top 3 finishes in the preceding competitions he has participated in.

Azeez started riding donkeys 2 years ago with his trusty steed, ‘Bullet’. He lives on the island of Lamu, a UNESCO world heritage site that has a population of 6000 donkeys and attracts thousands of tourists for it’s annual donkey races. Azeez is a playful character full of youth and life and who’s endless curiosity to learn,makes him nounish.

Pilot program package.
Faciliting travel and stipend round the region to facilitate spend on flights, shipping logistics and accomodation.

In return for helping exhibit Africa’s rich and indeginous culture through the nounish lens, Nounfrica champions will help proliferate nouns in it’s true colors, sensational and sinister. A rich content bank for posting on social media will also be prioritized.


I have no idea what this is exactly, but it might be worth the price just to get a donkey jockey loaded up in nounish clothing to say ‘we’ve funded everything from a super bowl commercial to a donkey jockey in Africa’. :sweat_smile:

Are there opportunities to put logos and that type of information on the racers? How many races would be included in this proposal and how many people typically attend these races?

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Heya Andrew, appreciate the feedback!
We absolutely think so too, it’d be great to add indeginous sport to the spectrum of projects that the nouns have done. In fact we’d be more surprised if you’d heard of donkey racing before :sweat_smile:.
There’s plenty of opportunities to put up nounish material all over the venue and have the jockeys wear nouns gear etc. The 154 year old donkey races happen to be the island’s biggest tourist attraction, attracting thousands of people. Over the two months there’ll be about 3 races,all of which will be recorded to put up on social media for proliferation.

I’m reposting in a couple places. I think this could be really fun. :slight_smile: Have a blessed day friend!

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Asante! Greatly appreciate the support :pray:

I like the idea and a well-presented prop. I like what Andrew said about Nouns going from Super Bowl commercial to African donkey race sponsor, espeically as a trial at 2 ETH. The more you can say about how this proliferates–views of races on social media, # of people who attend, ways to show off Nouns the better the prop will be received, especially as you go forward beyond a trial. Good work. Look forward to seeing if this happens.

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I was also a guest on The NOC show where we talked about the project in detail. Check it out here!

this is a good native project…that can happen…just a simple nounish i

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