Nouncil Proposal #1

OG Nouncillors POAP - art by Messhup


Nouncil is asking for 64.20 ETH to fund:

  1. Q1 retroactive operating costs
  2. Q2 operating costs
  3. Nouncil Community Grant Program Pilot
  4. Nounish Galleries

  1. Q1 Retroactive Operating Costs - 10 ETH

“Nouncillor” is a volunteer position, whose main role is discussing and voting on Nouns DAO proposals. We are requesting a reasonable budget to incentivize Nouncillors to put in additional work beyond that scope.

“Operating cost” funds would be earmarked for Nouncil administrative items such as:

  • Creating and operating Gnosis Safe
  • Social media management
  • Meeting notes
  • Content development
  • Website development
  • General organization
  • Nouncil proposal development & on-chain submission

Operating Costs will be distributed via a collaborative Coordinape round and all Nouncillors will get an equal voice. External contributors and Nouners who helped set up Nouncil up will be invited to join the circle as potential recipients. Q1 Coordinape will be administered immediately. We will prepare a report of how the operating costs were distributed and host it on the Nouncil website publicly.

Program specific operating costs will be distributed in separate Coordinape rounds with the teams that worked on them.

Currently Nouns DAO proposal discussion on Discord and Discourse is encouraged, but still considered a volunteer activity. In the future we would like to think through and develop intuitive programs to incentivize Prop discussion.

2. Q2 Operating Costs - 12.2 ETH

Same as #1 but to be administered at the end of 2022 Q2.

After this, we will reflect on the administration process / budget and re-apply for future operating cost funding as needed.

3. Nouncil Community Grant Pilot - 32 ETH

1 ETH grants available to each eligible Nouncillor, to be spent in collaboration with the communities / projects they represent with the goal of proliferating Nouns by leveraging their networks.

Ideally, the grant will be sent directly to project / community wallets. The grant is permissionless, any eligible Nouncillor will receive it if they apply. It must be spent proliferating Nouns in the most effective way possible, and a Nouncillor may choose to delegate their grant to another Nouncillor.

Nouncil will establish basic guidelines and rules on how these grants can be spent, but will leave a lot open to imagination. Projects should be highly aligned with Nouns DAO and celebrate both Nouns and Nounish culture. Nouncillors who accept the grant and misspend it will not be eligible for future Community Grants and may face expulsion from Nouncil.

Rule #1: funds from this grant cannot be used to buy NFTs or cryptocurrency.

At the end of every grant period we will host a Nouncil Community Grant wrap-up where recipients will be responsible for demonstrating what they were able to achieve. We intend for this wrap-up to be entertaining, and will only apply for future funding if Nouns DAO is thoroughly impressed.

Nouncilor eligibility will be determined by: 2 months of Nouncil membership with a proposal vote participation rate of 69% or greater.

30 ETH - - - - - - 1 ETH / Nouncillor
2 ETH - - - - - - - Program Operating Cost

4. Nounish Galleries V0.1 - 10 ETH

The Nouniverse is overflowing with top-notch Nounish art. We want to curate the best Nounish NFTs and start to build online galleries showcasing this work. Museums for Nounish culture. We will be highlighting and linking to NFTs held by others and will not be purchasing NFTs at this point. Our primary focus is NFTs, but we may include other unminted digital assets.

Our primary focus in V0.1 is on curation, marketing, and long term planning.

V0.1 Road Map


  • establish Nounish Gallery committee
  • establish Nounish Gallery road map
  • define “Nounish” categories for art classification. Collaborate with other teams thinking about this, such as the Marketplace pod
  • discuss online gallery options (simple website, OnCyber gallery, 6529’s OM etc), prioritize and establish teams for any we want to move forward with


  • curate top pieces from within Nouncil communities
  • approach guest curators to select their Nounish favorite pieces
  • establish a final list of NFTs / art to be included in initial Nounish Gallery


  • publish a series of medium article showcasing art curated by Nouncil and guests
  • post all of this to Twitter
  • actively respond and retweet on Twitter to grow community engagement
  • collaborate with NFT creators and owners to build community

Stretch Goals

  • create a simple Nounish Gallery website with this content
  • create proof of concept of for any other galleries we want to build

10 ETH - - - - - - - Program Operating Cost

5. What is Nouncil?

Nouncil is a special council of Nounish BUIDLers and NFT community leaders that seek to extend the Nouns DAO universe. Our goal is to work together within the framework of Nouns DAO, using the Nouns that have been generously delegated to us, to be a voice for the nounish states and do our part to proliferate CC0 and Nounish culture.

Nouncil Facts

  • Founded in Feb 2022
  • Currently have 7 Nouns delegated to us
  • There are 30 Nouncillors, and we accept new applicants every month
  • We have voted on 15 Nouns DAO Proposals (Noun 23 has our whole voting record)
  • We are very active in Discord and Discourse publicly discussing Nouns DAO proposals
  • We have Our Own Theme Song by Woody
  • We delivered a sick POAP to founding Nouncillors (art by Messhup)

6. Where can I find Nouncil?

The #nouncil channel in the Nouns DAO Discord
Twitter -
Gov Docs (in progress) -
Medium -


Nouncil gang is crushing it! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Yes please, this team has shown they have the goods and think we should continue to support and watch them flourish.

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Thanks for putting this together.

My one suggestion here is to spin out the Nounish gallery proposal onto it’s own thing. Personally, I am not too crazy about digital galleries and so I wouldn’t want that to interfere with my support for the rest of the outlined proposal (1, 2 and 3).

I am really excited about the grants pilot program. A few qs there:

  • "At the end of every grant period", what defines a grant period?
  • Will new Nouncillors be eligible for the grant? Or is it only those that have already done their 2 months + accomplished participation rate of 69%+?
  • Is there one person who will lead the program? I think having a head (or few) helps in terms of accountability.

We have our Nouncil call tomorrow, I’ll ask:

  • Should we spin the Nounish Gallery into it’s own proposal?
  • Is there a leader / leadership team for the Community Grants Pilot?

We were thinking the Community grant’s would be administered quarterly. But, for the pilot, we could just specify a single term and plan to reflect and adjust after that.

For the pilot I’d love to get new Nouncillors in. The eligibility criteria makes more sense when we’re running regularly. We’ll be clear about that in the proposal, and possibly get individual Nouncillors to confirm participation before the prop goes on-chain.

Appreciate the feedback @seneca!

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