Noun O'Clock Drop - A daily comic strip

Noun O’Clock Drop – A Daily Nouns Comic Strip

If you stare into the Metaverse, the Metaverse stares back at you – Nietzsche, probably, if he were alive today.

Before there was the internet, before there were even comic books, there were comic strips. In newspapers, these were the first proliferators of Memes. They would be printed daily and shared amongst friends and family. That sense of being able to build community through like minded philosophies and humour is very Nounish. IP like Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side defined entire generations. Bringing these up to the majority of people will start a conversation about which strorylines and characters were the best, as well as the favourite strips. In many instances, a particular strip could be cut out of the newspapers and posted onto a wall, whether at home or at the office.

Noun O’Clock Drop aims to bring that same feeling to Nouns. Currently there is a daily event within the Nouns community, and a strip every single day will drop at Noun O’Clock. Participating in Noun O’Clock will give the strip as a POAP, allowing those that are interested to participate in the collecting of the strips. As Nouns and Noun O’Clock Drop gain in popularity, so will the POAPs, rewarding involvement.

So what is this strip about? Why a strip instead of a comic book? Good questions, and thank you for asking!

Firstly, a strip instead of a comic because it gives a daily snippet for people to enjoy, as well as something easily shared on the internet.

This strip, unlike the comic book, is aimed squarely AT the Nouns community. It will have inside jokes, references to Web3, the whole shebang. Instead of this being used for commercial purposes, it is used as a reward to those that enjoy the Nouns, and must read for those looking to get engaged to the community.

There would be a solid narrative story between the strips, as this is not meant to be a “joke of the day”. Like a Peanuts strip, often the strips day to day will reference each other, with a big crescendo at the end of the week, along with a large size, multi line strip for the weekend! The Nouns are the main characters of this strip, and I liken the energy to the Muppets at peak insanity.

This project will require 7.5 ETH to accomplish for a trial week, delivering a finished comic strip every day, hours ahead of Noun O’Clock, so should anything need to be done for it, it will be. We would aim to have the strips written weeks in advance, and if there appears to be a time when we will be late, we will work in advance with a guest artist for a fill in week, allowing the original team to catch back up.

If engagement is high over the trial week, we can look at extending it beyond, either with the original artist or with a different one (potentially we can rotate artists, giving different ones a few weeks work at a time, showcasing different approaches to the Nouns).

We would look to start delivering daily strips the month of August, as with no need to print the materials we simply have to create the strips (there are a number of strips written, they would need to be drawn though.)

Lastly, as with all projects this will be fully cc0, and be available online for anyone that would wish it. This will allow communities to translate into their native languages (happy to assist with that), so that this can exist in Japanese, Portuguese, and even Australian!

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kinda love this — my mind went to penny arcade for nouns

Yes! That’s the vibe I was going for :slight_smile: Something that can be shared, enjoyed, help expand the world. Used on T-shirts, translated, reprinted, repurposed. Strips have such wide uses!

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As I understand, daily strips is a massive, arduous undertaking. PA made it work thrice weekly, and relied on website views (ads) to make it economically feasible to keep it up.

Is there any way to make this self-sustainable for Nouns (in the near-term) or would we have to lean on weekly funding from small grants?

That’s a good question! It is a pain for sure, but I think is also a great way to bring a community together.

The plan would be to publish collected works every three months or so, so those funds generated could offset some initial investments (but it’s difficult to know what those sales will be in advance).

It’s a valid concern, though, and one that I can put some thought into. A question for you (and the community of course) would be : Is it important that this project be cc0? Not making it cc0 reduces costs considerably.

Can you break down how the dynamics change if non-cc0?

Sure! When making something cc0, you take away any potential revenues from creators (especially for things like a comic strip there’s the potential reward of syndication, TV, merchandise, etc.) Calvin & Hobbes famously ended at least in part due to the Merchandise going crazy.

Making something non cc0 means that the creators have a revenue stream that they can activate if it’s ever approved for TV or film, or extended beyond to T-shirts, toys, etc.

The downside is that if Nouns gets behind it and eventually wants to do something with it, they wouldn’t have the rights to. The Nouns community wouldn’t have the right to alter the images (or even use the images at all). To me that feels like something that you’d do outside of the Nouns community as a result.

In letting this sit for a bit, I think it’s counter to the project to create it in a non cc0 manner.

There’s a couple of thoughts I had regarding how to get it partially funded to help reduce the costs, and will put some additional thought into it.

The plan for this is to look at honing this proposal for after the Nouns Comics has been delivered, so no rush!

What if you look at this with a crypto-native lens and auction off each new strip as a 1/1 NFT? Maybe its even a full-blown Nounsdao fork where ownership provides governance rights in “ComicStripDAO”?

I wouldn’t have an issue with that, but lack the technical abilities to make it work! I can look into it though :slight_smile:

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My mind went to the NOC contests and how that could be tied into something like this. Maybe join that discord and ideate as well. The Noun Square

I don’t really have any feedback other than to echo the sustainability convo. Your art looks great and I love the idea. Might have to bust out my Calvin and Hobbes books tonight. :slight_smile:

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Agreed, and thanks for the response! Krel had an interesting thought that we are looking to explore, that can help address the sustainability issue, and instead of making it something that Nouns has to fund, making it something that can help fund Nouns itself! So, excited by the possibilities :slight_smile:
ALWAYS bust out Calvin and Hobbes. This should be a weekly thing.


Blessings, my friend! Keep building!