Noun in MacOS Menu Bar

Task: Show a Noun in the MacOS Menu Bar
Budget: 0.15eth

This would be part of the Nouns Raycast Extension — which was successfully funded via Prop House.

Users can browse Nouns by traits and various other means. From there they can choose to add the Noun to the Menu Bar

If multiple Nouns are added, users can then choose which one to display directly from the Menu Bar menu

Would be nice to raise a small grant to build this, but to be completely honest, I’m gonna release it regardless!


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How about showing todays Noun in the menu bar?

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that could work! what other info would you like to see? current bid amount? open to brainstorm on other ideas.

this one is just about choosing a noun you like and having it permanently there

we could do both as well

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current noun img with bid amount and high bidder on click perhaps?

maybe a link to open a nouns client (ie in a browser window too

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makes sense — totally doable.

but yeah imo that would be considered a different “raycast command”. raycast apps can have many commands. so one of them could be to set a noun in your menu bar, and the other could be to watch the nouns auction status. (potentially a different grant than this)

Looks pretty awesome and the price is sure right. Build it and I’d assume you’d be able to get a small retro from it if it doesn’t work up front.

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Thanks @AndrewLaddusaw

ah that makes sense to me, i didnt mean to derail this :smiley:

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Hey all, just an update. this has been developed, and published to the Raycast Store. Ready to be downloaded.

Like I mentioned in my original post, no pressure to fulfil the grant, I was going to do it anyway! It’s awesome to play with Nouns.

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@krel no worries! I think your idea is good, I might add a new grant for this!


second what Krel said. If you can ship this for 0.15 ETH and show the noun of the day in the menu bar, this is a no brainer. Awesome job!


Thanks! The proposed grant has been developed and shipped! Available from the Raycast Store here :rocket:

I could put together another grant to display the Noun of the Day in the Menu Bar. It would prob be a bit more than 0.15, and it requires more work than this.

this looks fun but the whole noun is the size of a letter in day/time - can you even tell its a noun if its not zoomed in? (its pretty hard to see the traits on the already zoomed image imo). mind sending an unzoomed screenshot?

@maty that’s the size of a MacOS Menu Item, it’s restricted by the operating system. This is just a fun command for Nouns lovers, who may want to show one in their Menu Bar.

Added an option that allows users to change the shape of the Noun in the Menu Bar

CleanShot 2022-10-06 at 16.17.32@2x