Noun 335 x Gator Collective x University of Florida Basketball Program

1confirmation, owner of Nouns 17, 29, 43, 291, 335, and 338 has created a partnership with the Gator Collective and the University of Florida Basketball Program. 1confirmation is a venture fund, founded by Nick Tomaino, who wrote extensively about Nouns in September 2021.

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“There’s no mimetic bubble around Nouns DAO — it’s just got a great vibe, a small community of true believers, and an authentic creation that’s introducing many new ideas to the space.” - Nick Tomaino

The Florida Basketball program, led by Head Coach Todd Golden, and the Gator Collective believes in exposing their players to as many new ideas and opportunities as possible and empowering student-athletes through the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL).

The NIL has taken the power out of the NCAA and institutions and given it to the players. In many ways, it is the decentralization of collegiate sports. For the last several months, 1confirmation has been onboarding members of the Florida Basketball program into web3.

We are currently working with Coach Golden and the Florida Basketball Program to integrate Noun 335 into their program. In doing so, we propose that the NounsDAO would donate to the Gator Collective. We present this initial proposal to get feedback and additional ideas.

In the long term, our grand plan is Nouns themed jerseys and Nouns themed Home game events in Gainesville. In the short term, we hope to have Nouns themed gear for players, nouns glasses in twitter/instagram name, 335 as pfp, player posts with Nouns glasses etc. We also want to explore other ideas that members of the community may have before submitting an official proposal.

Noun 335
On June 8th, 2022 1confirmation purchased Noun 335 for 143.82 ETH (at the time $154,413.78).

More on Florida Basketball, Todd Golden and the Staff:
The University of Florida Basketball Program competes in NCAA Division I and the Southeastern Conference (SEC). They play their home games in the Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center on the university’s Gainesville, Florida campus.

The University of Florida has a long and storied history in college basketball. Its team is one of the premiere programs in the country. The Gators have won 2 National Championships (2006 and 2007), they have been to the NCAA tournament 23 times, including 11 Sweet Sixteen, 9 Elite Eight and 5 Final Four appearances. In SEC play, the Gators have won 4 SEC tournament championships and 7 SEC regular session championships. The Gators have also produced many NBA players, most notably Bradley Beal (Wizards), Al Horford (Celtics), Chandler Parsons, Dorian Finney-Smith (Mavericks), Udonis Haslem (Heat), Joakim Noah and Chris Chiozza (Warriors).

Todd Golden was hired as Head Coach on March 18th, 2022. Coach Golden comes highly coveted from the University of San Francisco and at the age of 36 is regarded as not only one of the hottest rising coaches in the industry but one of the best coaches in the country. During his time at the University of San Francisco, a school not known for their basketball pedigree or resources, Golden led the program to its first NCAA Tournament bid since 1998.

As the evolution of basketball has changed over the years, Golden and his staff are on the bleeding edge of basketball innovation and analytics. Assistant coach Jonathan Safir, who has been a major supporter of this proposal was recently featured in the The Athletic for being on the forefront of basketball analytics.

Most relevant to this proposal, Coach Golden, Safir and the rest of the Florida staff are constantly on the forefront of technology on and off the court. Long supporters of crypto, they are spearheads of innovation and are passionate about integrating web3 into their program.

What is the Gator Collective?
Directly from the Gator Collective:

It’s a new era of college athletics. Fans want to support and interact with their favorite athletes. The athletes want to engage the fans and grow their brands. Both sides are unsure how to make it happen within the confines of NIL law. That’s where Gator Collective comes in.

Gator Collective provides fans with exclusive access to, and experiences with, their favorite athletes while allowing the athletes to earn compensation for their name, image, and likeness. At the heart of it, Gator Collective unites fans with athletes.

By committing to Gator Collective, you are committing to your favorite athletes. Your pledge allows Gator Collective to create opportunities for athletes to earn compensation for their name, image, and likeness as the athletes collaborate with the Gator Collective team to provide fans with exclusive content.

What is NIL?
Name, image, and likeness (NIL) refers to an individual’s name, image, and likeness rights, which can be used for commercial purposes. In the United States, these rights are governed by state law, not federal law.

The term “name, image, and likeness” first appeared in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) legislation in 1991. In that year, the NCAA adopted a rule stating that “student-athletes shall be permitted to receive compensation for the commercial use of their name or picture only if the compensation is received in connection with the student-athlete’s participation in intercollegiate athletics.”

The NCAA expanded its definition of NIL to include “indirect” compensation, such as endorsements and licensing deals. However, the NCAA still prohibited direct compensation, such as salaries and appearance fees.

In 2010, the NCAA amended its rules again to allow student-athletes to receive up to $2,000 per year in compensation for the commercial use of their name, image, and likeness. The new rule also allowed student-athletes to sign endorsement deals and to be featured in advertisements.

The debate about whether or not athletes should be paid for their athletic talents was intensified in 2013 when the National Labor Relations Board ruled that football players at Northwestern University were employees of the school and had the right to unionize. While this ruling was later overturned it was a pivotal moment as student-athletes were essentially recognized as employees of a university.

In 2016, the NCAA created a working group to study the issue of name, image, and likeness rights. The working group released its report in October 2017, which recommended that the NCAA allow student-athletes to receive compensation for the use of their name, image, and likeness. This ultimately led to the NCAA’s Board of Governors voting to adopt the working group’s recommendations in April 2018. The new NIL rules went into effect on August 1, 2019.

The new rules will allow student-athletes to receive compensation for the use of their name, image, and likeness in a variety of ways, including endorsements, social media, and personal appearances. Student-athletes will also be able to create their own businesses and to sign licensing deals.

The new rules will not allow student-athletes to receive compensation for their athletic performance, such as prize money or salaries.

Benefit to NounsDAO
The Florida Basketball Program is one of the premier basketball programs in the country. The University of Florida has over 49,000 students and the city of Gainesville has a population of over 180,000. The Gators play in the O’Connell Center located on campus that houses 10,500 fans.

This would be one of the largest partnerships in the NFT space and would receive local and national attention.

Benefit to Gator Collective
The NounsDAO project is one of the most innovative and successful projects in the NFT space today. While the official DAO currently has 235 unique voting members it is a vibrant community of builders and creators looking to tap into the treasury and proliferate Nouns.

Currently the NounsDAO discord server has 12,424 members, while on twitter their account has 60.6k followers. This partnership would not only capture thousands of new Gator Fans, it would also captivate the entire crypto community as one of the most unique and interesting use cases of NFTs.

The partnership would create a long lasting relationship between the Florida Collective and NounsDAO that would continue to provide opportunities for both parties.

Wow. This would be wild.

I would love to know the budget that would be proposed for something like this along with a breakdown of the costs.

I think it’s a fascinating prospect and would bring deep proliferation in Gator country and wide proliferation across the U.S. Aside from the price concern, I’m not sure what the ramifications would be for going so deep into one team like that. I don’t think it would be a problem, but I’d be curious to hear from some other people. I know those SEC rivalries can get nasty. Haha.

Thanks @AndrewLaddusaw!

For the 2022-2023 season we anticipate the budget would be between 100eth - 150eth, the variance is dependent on if we would hook the team up with gear (and how much) for this season, or if its better to just do a social media takeover during an SEC conference week during the season or any other ideas that the community has. This price estimate is also based on the fact that 1confirmation bought the Noun for 143eth. As we think ahead to 2023-2024 season, certainly uniforms and some of our other bigger plans would require a bigger budget.

To your point of 1 team, I think it’s a great test run that can then be used as a reference point for other colleges and teams. What other Nouns are there that also a mascot for a collegiate team? In 5 years I imagine a Nouns sponsored and themed tournament with Nouns affiliated teams!

Also, my design/photoshop skills are nothing compared to the many that participate in Nouns ecosystem but wanted to share a quick design:

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what’s up @yekim ?? i think this is a really cool idea. when it comes to execution the most important thing to me would be visibility and attention to make sure we get the most bang for our buck. i think uniforms would be the holy grail since the players would be walking meme proliferators to an audience that is very unique and has never heard of nouns

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Man. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear the updates as you put flesh on these good bones.

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