Noun #103 Stolen from My Wallet

Hi all, my wallet was emptied last week and my Noun #103 was sold on OpenSea before I knew what happened. It was purchased by suicide.eth and flipped to another collector of Lil Nouns at address 0xE6397F9A08F456541814efcE5dbB26e37Ed44268.

I’m asking if there is any thing I can do to try and recover this NFT as it is by the far my most valuable and I wanted to hold it for years to come. Is there a way to contact this person? Does anyone know anything about this collector?

Feel free to reach out to me on here or @cc5alive on Twitter.

Thanks for your time.


Apparently a massive exploit has drained many wallets of ETH and NFTs. Information in the Twitter thread below. Key lesson: use a hardware wallet and/or rotate wallets.

I’m very sorry to hear that @cc5alive , unfortunately, I don’t know the owner of that address, but I have posted a screenshot of your post in a private nouner channel.

Thank you. :pray: That is very much appreciated.

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