Noggle NBA Jersey Patch Sponsor

Floated this idea in Discord and understandably cost prohibitive, but wanted to archive this idea here to revisit when eth10k:

a few years back, the NBA introduced a team-by-team jersey sponsorship opportunity: throughout the entire season a brands mark is prominently placed on a team’s jersey for every game, in all subsequent media coverage (included team content (logo stays on jersey throughout)) Brand partners logo is on all official jersey merchandise and typically have some deeper tie in with the market (in-arena branding, brand-name sponsored suite, etc.)

through my relationships with the league I have opportunity to broker Nouns branding into a sponsorship like this, but as surely you can imagine it is expensive . Deals are uniquely priced team by team: smaller market teams are cheaper than large ones. For context, Rakuten pays $20m/season for their patch on the Golden State Warriors jerseys and Blue Diamond paid $5m/year for their patch on the Sacramento Kings The following teams are up for negotiation after the 22/23 season: Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets, Charlotte Hornets and the Oklahoma City Thunder.


So — initial temp check here, I think Nouns should be prepared to spend $5-10M/year on this if interested and typically teams like to structure these partnerships with a 2-3 year term. This would surely be the biggest expense Nouns has ever considered, but also possibly the biggest international stage for proliferation.


This would be MASSIVE. The amount of exposure and chatter about what Nouns is will be crazy! This might be something suited for a bull market? Might be worth finding out details and having the button ready to push next ETH run?

Amazing idea- I’ve often thought of how cool it would be!


yup – never say we don’t have any big ideas here!

i work daily with the team at the NBA that would facilitate this, so the button is always nearby. if/when nouns are ready. teams listed above are spoken for for upcoming 22/23 season, but as of now open for partnership opportunity for 23/24 and beyond.

besides the obvious eyeballs of in-game opportunity, think it’s a major social proof point extending the signature of the noggles and big gateway to player partnerships, community public good alongside team’s philanthropic efforts and an opportunity to etch the noggles into permanent history.

one day!

Them young and talented OKC boys would be a great investment imo !


big agree – buy the dip!!

Love this!

Worked on Project Silver - think NBA Jam “he’s on fire!” but on your television with the LA Clippers when Balmer negotiated the digital rights from the NBA — the first team in history to do so by the way. He created the opportunity to sell patch sponsors while embedding tracking beacons to scoop up the data for sale and volumetric playback. It was all about streaming to APAC and most of the first buyers were, and the rest is Rakuten :stuck_out_tongue:

When the dip finally comes and the treasury is spilling over, count me in on NBA shenanigans!

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Ahh amazing – love to all my Nounish hoop fans. One day!

copying my discord comments here, definitely something to keep on the radar for future consideration

super sick opportunity that we should be evaluating each time teams are up for negotiation, but I feel this is too expensive + too early in noun’s lifecycle to pursue atm

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smaller scale but similar proposal that we are working on, it’s a little harder with NCAA because it has to be a conference or official school logo, but hoping to do something smaller this year and then potential for Nouns jerseys 23-24 season.