I want to put an expedited quick prop to get a NOUNS booth at NFTNYC, It will be an amazing opportunity to have a “homebase” spit at the event that will be NOUNS branded and have many builders, physical items on display. THe ask would be similar to what @D A N I T#6418 has in hers but our booth and ours will feature multiple projects form the community, and act as a home base for the various builders for photo ops and onboarding. Would need some sort of a commitment to this to book the booth and travel and logistics so asking here. Happy to jump on a call to discuss but this will be HUGE I have done Javits center events many times as an exhibitor and can book this in a week and have it all ready. We can take the next 2 weeks to work out any displays, additional swag, visuals, videos and schedule @Aubtoshi and NOUNoClock and other builders to have time to talk/have an area to present etc. Please let me know any thoughts and take a look at this tweet for vibes from DCON TWITTER THREAD

with a bit more focus on onboarding and proliferation at the booth we can really do something amazing regardless of the short time frame.

we can repeat this X100 in NY



We have done this before all over the country and have everything in place except the funds to expedite this and make it an awesome experience. For anyone that has not done a show at Javits it is a huge ask but we do this at least once a year for ComicCon so it is all doable

Wish I could make this! Would be fun. I’m going to try to get to the next one cos this one is out for me unfortunately.

This is soooo cool!!! Would really love to the see this happening during NFTNYC. The quality of your work is always 100