LOW-FI NOUNish noggles by Bigshot

ok… 1.5 ETH is cool, let’s see if these are good. thanks Klim!


Test/preview samples came in and they look and work great!


this is a set of tests done before production to make sure the size and function are good. The colors here is not accurate, it will be rich and bright when we go to a 4C process.
these also need to be scaled up about 10-15% to fit everyone.

Here is a revised backer card to keep these from bending in shipping and have relevant project info and links @noun22


These turned out amazing! I was very skeptical after the first pictures, but the final product looks :pinched_fingers: Bravo!

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thanks Andrew, this is not a final set of samples and will have bright and rich red coloration.
I am definitely here to defy expectations and make cool high quality product. Looking forward to the next steps


Love this! Would be cool to integrate these with our ZeroG flight at the Kennedy Space Center at the end of October.

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takes about 3 weeks to produce and about 10 days to ship so may not be possible time wise.
These are also not as stable as the plastic noggles I sent you guys so the paper noggles may not work during the flight but would look amazing in all of the pics.

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Currently everything is ready to go to full scale production, Multiple nounish builders expressed interest in using these in their activations and events. In a holding pattern waiting on Approvals from @noun22. Delivery should take about 45 days from start depending on shipping timelines.

These look incredible. We’d love to have up to 7K of these for the parade in Pasadena, getting folks to wear them will be the trick but would make quite the impression on camera!


I used to live in Pasadena and volunteered for the parade. I think upcoming events in the area including DesignerCon have large crowds where a contest could be directed to the parade activation. I think there would be a lot of benefit from tying a charitable action to the glasses being distributed as well to draw positive media coverage and to create an organic reason for crowd participation at Rose Parade. Just a thought as I hope to see Nouns EVERYWHERE!


@noun22 between this @skateordao @FOODNOUNS and some others world wide I think that there is enough evidence to support 10K order We can break up the shipment at the factory to avoid any warehousing and logistics costs etc. Looking forward to your feedback

Personally keen on getting a batch for events activations. For example NFT London coming up, NFT Fest Australia soon after. Could hide them under seats of theatre we host our panel in then ask everyone to check under their seats. Alternatively, these would be great as inserts for swag bags at events and what not.


Love the under seats idea ! These will all come individualy carded and bagged so they will be fairly durable. from start to delivery we are lookign at about 4-5 weeks depending on shipping/customs
We can probably do unique card backs for events if the order is 1000 or more for just the set up fees, but obviously less friction and cost to do one large order. Please let me know and we can rock and roll on these ASAP

@skateordao @necfas @noun22 @cpwozzie @FOODNOUNS @Sasquatch

Hi I am trying to get a count of all interested parties to get this project to the next stage I also hvae a big NOUNish activation at Designer con so having some of these to give away as we onboard and share info about Nouns woudl be amazing. thank you

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This is a game changer for Mucho Love’s activities and children would get to keep the glasses as they all have wanted to. I Love them and they look great.


While NSFW and thje Discord are going through some adjustments I was told to gather some quantities to set up a bulk order. If you could let me know how many paper noggles you will need we can add them to the PO.

Thank you

Anywhere from 300-500 would be great. Don’t know much of the costs, but let me know if these numbers are possible.

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We are looking at a large order of 10K to keep the costs down so 500 sets are totally doable from that batch. Waiting for NSFW to get back to operations in order to continue

These are really cool! Always been a fan of glasses, masks, hats, caps made from cardboard.

Great idea, people will love this. :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

For the production, 4 weeks including printing / die-cutting and assembly. need to book production ASAP before we hit the last minute holiday orders