LOW-FI NOUNish noggles by Bigshot

For the production, 4 weeks including printing / die-cutting and assembly. need to book production ASAP before we hit the last minute holiday orders

Hello Klim!

I know there is a 10K min order you have as a goal to initiate funding from NSFW so the first round of these Lo-Fi Noggles can start being proliferated. From the information I gathered from other discourse posts and these comments, I think you made it to the 10K amount. This is what everyone has requested thus far:

@cpwozzie: 7,000 units (Rose Parade)
@skateordao: 1,000 units (Gnars DAO)
@Aubtoshi: 750 units (NounsOTG)
@necfas: 500 units (Mucho Love)
@profwerder: 250 units (FloriNouns)
Total: 10,000 units

Please let us know the best way to move forward with this order!

@BigshotKlim get us an invoice/ Purchase Order, make sure to get it to me and or @noun22 and we can get things rolling for you. Feel free to submit it in our new discord in the general section.


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will do, what does a PO or Invoice to a decentralized anonymous organization look like? Who should it be made out to? or is this just a formality ?

    1. ’ Invoice’ …
  1. A unique invoice number. …
  2. Your company name and address. …
  3. The company name and address of the customer. …(this would be who is getting what)
  4. A description of the goods/services. …
  5. The date of supply. …
  6. The date of the invoice. …
  7. The amount of the individual goods or services to be paid.

What i meant to ask is Who is the invoice made out to? Is there a company name, point of contact, adress etc. This transaction is meant to be a single invoice for the Dao, covered by a single payment in USDC, Each individual shipment will be broken out at the factory and shipping costs to be calculated for each address in order to save on the costs. I will list these quantities in the invoice and coordinate this with @Aubtoshi @FOODNOUNS @profwerder @necfas and @skateordao before shipping. cool? Thanks.


I think the others in this first order feel the same, but I am confident in Klim’s abilities to complete this order once funded. We can each work with him directly to find the best way to move forward with shipments. Each person has a different date and location for their shipment which should be discussed privately with Klim.

Might be a bit of overkill to have our names & addresses on there – I have ordered pins and preorded glasses from Klim before so I’m confident on fulfillment and happy to provide address directly to him but don’t think it’s necessary to have it on documentation for funding.

If an invoice is needed, it would seem to make sense for Klim to do an invoice for the DAO for the total amount, and just note the breakouts on there. That seems straight forward enough. Does this work Sam? Just trying to get this moved along in time.

I was just providing a basic invoice template, we are not trying to dox people, a more appropriate field would’ve been Event/Extension.

We were just waiting on total orders instead of individual orders.

Hi Sam, here is the basic invoice with my USDC wallet address.

Will take care of shipping to @cpwozzie @skateordao and @Aubtoshi and will arrange a break out to @necfas and @profwerder
Thank you.

All of the revised files are at the printersjust waiting to hit go. Thank you for your help, Thanks Aubs with the assist on wrangling all of the details


I think this a great idea all-around. Hope it goes through!


We are getting into an extreme time crunch here since the Shipping delays out of china are backlogging deliveries world wide and unless we get production started next week there is no guarantee that these will make it to the parade. Not sure what to do here to help expedite this process, please advise?
@Sam @Aubtoshi @noun22 @skateordao @cpwozzie @necfas @profwerder

@noun22 @Sam @9999 @Aubtoshi @cpwozzie @necfas @skateordao

Hi there, It takes 5-6 weeks to execute and ship these and we will hit the holiday mail rush so without sounding like a broken record I would love to know if we are moving forward with this since I have to make arrangements with the printer to allocate time in their schedule too. This is not as simple as press print and ship so space at the factory has to be allocated to production and assembly as well as pack out etc. We can do all we can do to make this work but I don’t want to face rush fees both on the production side and express shipping if we can avoid that

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hi Klim. thanks for this. NSFW will fund this - you should see it hit your address 0xd25…02C today


Amazing, thanks again for making this happen, Will get booked and started ASAP and will keep everyone posted on progress.

Thanks everyone for letting us help you nounify the planet.

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@noun22 Hi 22 just checking if the transaction was completed as it is not showing up in my wallet 0xd25912007EBC2527d4ED9DC536f928E550b0f02C I know you need to get soem signatures and it is the weekend . Please let me know since i need to wire the deposits to the supplier to book production

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I arrive home tomorrow, let’s connect to make sure these are in production! ⌐◧-◧

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these were in production the moment I saw that the transaction hit. =) lets connect when you are back, just keep in mind I am all hands on deck for DCON next week but want to recap and put fourth a strategy to get you what you need for OTG

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Assembly Progress



Stacks are stacking. Almost ready to ship for ROSE BOWL parade, NOTG and more