Looking at helping Obasi John a delegate attend COP27, also to advise soft and bridge solutions (EEPI, Moletech and Carboncleansystems.com as well as End electro-agriculture and brine shrimp to sequester carbon ,increase productivity and provide feedstock

Increasing crop yield with electro-agriculture.
Encourage sequestration with brine shrimp and provide feedstock.
Also it is imperative to provide funding to get Obasi John to the second half of the climate conference to advise on Soft solutions and Bridge solutions. Improving combustion, emission’s and gas consumption.

Electro-Horticulture by David J. Wechsler [PDF/iPad/Kindle] (leanpub.com)

@crispin can you provide more information if this is a real post? Otherwise it just looks like spam

Sorry is not Spam! soft-solutions include Endotherm, Moletech , EEPI and carboncleansystems.com lowering gas consumption and emissions.

encouraging sequestering with Algae and Brine Shrimp I want to achieve on a farm and I’m just experimenting . I’ll go look at a polytunnel and investigate available copper pipe to put a currency through soil. Increasing yield 20-30%