Lo-Fi Nouns (Draft)

TL;DR : We Will Create 270 Lo-Fi Nouns Content, Continous LiveStreaming on YouTube and 340 Original Music Lo-Fi Nouns for 70 ETH

Background :

Lo-Fi music is a genre of music that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is characterized by its calming and relaxing atmosphere, created by incorporating natural sounds such as raindrops and whispers into the music. The short, repetitive rhythms and mellow tones of Lo-Fi music make it a popular choice for those looking to focus and relax.

Research :

I have conducted research on the popularity of Lo-Fi music and found that it has been gaining traction in the music industry. For example, the Lofi Girl YouTube channel, the largest Lo-Fi YouTube channel, has grown rapidly in the past year and now has over 11 million subscribers. Furthermore, people have commented positively on the ability of Lo-Fi music to improve concentration and provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Lo-Fi Nouns

Lo-Fi Nouns is a project focused on producing Lo-Fi art and music, as well as continuous live streaming. The project aims to provide a calming and relaxed atmosphere through the use of natural sounds and slow, repetitive rhythms. Lo-Fi music is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers and those who want to focus and relax. The project will involve a studio that produces artwork, animation, music, and playlist, which will be available on Spotify for everyone to enjoy. In addition, the artwork created for the project will be published on Artstation for the community and public to see.

Overall, the goal of the Lo-Fi Nouns project is to promote NounsDAO with calming Lo-Fi music and art effects, and to provide a platform for creators to showcase their work. The project aims to provide a positive and relaxed atmosphere for the public to enjoy.

The main objective of this project is to create a music, entertainment, and marketing project involving Lo-Fi art and music production and live streaming. The project aims to increase the number of customers, followers, and views on various social media platforms, as well as generate revenue through advertising. The project also aims to provide a calming and relaxed atmosphere for its listeners and viewers, and to promote the growth and popularity of NounsDAO.


Creating and promoting high-quality Lo-Fi music and art:

  1. Produce original, engaging, and professional-quality Lo-Fi music and art.
  2. Promote the content on social media and music streaming platforms.
  3. Create catchy and descriptive titles, tags, and descriptions for the music and art.
  4. Use relevant hashtags to reach relevant audiences.
  5. Engage with the audience by responding to comments and feedback, and promoting user-generated content.

Collaborating with other artists and influencers:

  1. Partner with other artists and influencers in the Lo-Fi music community.
  2. Collaborate on music and art production.
  3. Cross-promote each other’s content on social media.
  4. Feature guest appearances on the live stream.

Offering exclusive content:

  1. Provide subscribers and followers with exclusive, behind-the-scenes, or otherwise special content.
  2. Offer access to unreleased music and art.
  3. Hold Q&A sessions with the project team.
  4. Provide special events or promotions.

Providing a consistent live streaming experience:

  1. Create a regular schedule for the live stream.
  2. Set up a professional-quality streaming setup.
  3. Provide a variety of content, such as music and art performances, interviews, and interactive segments.

Utilizing advertising and partnerships:

  1. Work with brands and businesses to create sponsored content.
  2. Sell advertising space on the live stream.
  3. Partner with other organizations or platforms to promote the project.

How This Project Proliferation Nouns.

  • Brand/Name Project
  • Every Content Has Nouns icon (Nouns glasses)
  • Support Nouns Entertainment
  • Funding Nouns Creator On PropHouse (Artist,Music Producer, Content Creator & All About Nouns Entertainment) with Adsense & Music Royalty


Brand / Name Project + Nouns Icon

Developing a strong brand and icon in the entertainment industry can help to expand a community. A strong brand and icon will help to attract audience attention and increase their interest in the Nouns DAO community. It will also help to improve the community’s image as a leader in the entertainment field, making more people interested in joining the Nouns DAO community.

In addition, a strong brand and icon will also help to create a consistent experience for community members, making them feel comfortable and connected to the Nouns community.

Overall, developing a strong brand and icon in the entertainment industry will help to increase the visibility of the Nouns DAO community, increase audience interest in the community, and help to create a consistent experience for community members. All of this will help the Nouns DAO community to grow and develop quickly.

Suport Nouns Entertainment + Funding Nouns Creator

It Is generally a good idea to support the development of communities in the entertainment industry. Providing funding to communities can help them to grow and thrive, and can also benefit the larger entertainment industry as a whole. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as providing grants, offering mentorship and networking opportunities, and providing access to resources and tools that can help communities to grow and develop. In addition to benefiting the entertainment industry, supporting communities can also have a positive impact on the economy and society as a whole.

Project Plan

  • Music and art Lo-Fi production
  • Publication of music and art Lo-Fi on platforms like Spotify and Artstation
  • Content Youtube Publishing
  • Provision of non-stop live streaming
  • Promotion and marketing to increase the number of Fans Lo-Fi music
  • Evaluation and iteration to improve this project"
  • Repeat

Budged :


  • Lo-Fi Artwork (Loop Animation,Album Cover); 25 ETH
  • Original Lo-Fi Nouns Music; 20 ETH


  • Collaboration; 5 ETH
  • Promotions; 10 ETH

Live Streaming

  • Live Streaming Equipment; 0
  • Live Streaming Server (Amazon Work Space); 5 ETH
  • Project Management; 3 ETH
  • Oprational Live Streaming; 2 ETH

Total; 70 ETH


Clover; Project Manager

MSV Studio; Content Production


Your prop has more details and that is awesome. I personally know that I would use this all the time and would have it bookmarked in the browser.

From a numbers stand point, lo-fi could actually attract large amounts of new and repeat users. Lo-fi is also easy to digest, non issue related music, which makes it safe to fund.

The animation work is very nice and will add a professional and dynamic element to the project. Including a collaboration and marketing budget is important. That is an important part of the initial and on-going proliferation. Perhaps you could work with @BigshotKlim since the paper noggles are called Lo-Fi Noggles.

This seems like a good experiment and one that can be achieved, providing art, music and promotion. Evergreen music content is very valuable. Sounds like a win.