Lo-Fi Nouns (Draft). Looking Feedback,Advice, Appeals and suggestion

TL;DR : Lo-Fi Art and Music Production, Non-Stop Live Streaming


Lo-Fi is a type of music that brings a calm atmosphere because it contains natural sounds that we often encounter in our daily life, such as raindrops, the friction between the glass and the lid, the whispers of people while talking, and so on. The tone or rhythm used in Lo-Fi is usually repeated and the duration of the song is quite short. It is natural sounds that are used to support Lo-Fi music to be more colorful. Until now Lo-Fi music continues to grow and many other types of songs are changed to the Lo-Fi version to get the calm atmosphere that only Lo-Fi has. Initially Lo-Fi hit again through the SoundCloud music platform, but now we can listen to Lo-Fi music through other platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and music streaming websites such as Chillhop and TuneIn.

The calm aura generated by Lo-Fi is generally used by teenagers or those who want to be more focused when doing something. Lo-Fi music can be the right choice to accompany us while studying at home. Not only does it help us focus more, Lo-Fi can also help us feel more relaxed. Usually Lo-Fi music playlists are arranged based on a certain theme or atmosphere, for example for studying, meditation, morning mood, and so on. We can adjust the existing playlist options to our needs and moods. Therefore the key to always be enthusiastic about studying at home is to prepare a positive mood and place to study and maintain health so that the body condition remains fit.


I researched more important things and Lofi GirlYouTube channels (the largest Lo-fi YouTube channel) and came up with important information;

Lofi Girl YouTube channel was created on March 18, 2015.
Since last year, Lofi Girl has grown rapidly and now has 11 million subscribers. The YouTube channel has 354 videos since they started, and currently Lofi Girl has 43.8k - 7m weekly average views, with a total of 1.4B views, With an estimated monthly earnings of $50,000-$115,000.

Behind the fame of lo-fi

In the midst of a busy schedule, people often feel tired or stressed. This encourages them to seek entertainment to calm down. One popular choice is listening to music, and lo-fi music is often considered. Many people have commented positively that lo-fi music improves concentration, Therefore, it is not surprising that the lo-fi music covers used are vector art or pictures of someone studying. Lo-fi music is also often used to just enjoy me-time, so it is no wonder that this song is in great demand among young people. With its low radio-quality sound and largely devoid of lyrics, many people listen to it when they are too bored or bored with other mainstream songs.

Why is lo-fi music an option?

Lo-Fi music is a fresh and modern alternative for those looking for calming and relaxing music. While classical music can also be used as a calming background sound, it does not always adhere to a slow tempo, nor is it accepted by everyone due to personal taste. Ultimately, everyone’s preferences should be taken into consideration.

Lo-Fi Music Is huge market?

Yes, lo-fi music is becoming increasingly popular. People are beginning to appreciate its laid back and soulful feel, making it a great choice for relaxation or a pleasant background ambiance, The exact market size for lo-fi music is difficult to estimate, as it includes many different genres and subgenres. However, research shows that lo-fi music has been gaining traction and is estimated to be worth millions of dollars a year in terms of revenue.

Project Info


Lo-Fi Nouns is a music, entertainment, and marketing project involving Lo-Fi art and music production and a non-stop live stream. This project will involve a studio assisting in the production of music and playlists, which will be published on Spotify for everyone to listen to, and art created for the project will be published on Artstation, so that the Nouns community and everyone can access it.

Objective Project

Increasing the number of subscribers, followers, or listeners, creating new content, increasing engagement, and other.

Goal Project

Create Lo-Fi art and music, publish the music and art on Spotify and Artstation respectively,reach outside audiences,Proliferation Nouns Community, with the content that is created.

How This Project Proliferation Nouns .

  • Brand/Name Project
  • Every Content Has Nouns icon (Nouns glasses)
  • Support Nouns Entertainment
  • Funding Nouns Creator On PropHouse (Artist,Music Producer, Content Creator & All About Nouns Entertainment) with Adsense & Music Royalty

Advantages for Nouns

  • Increased engagement.
  • Bring more people into the Nouns DAO community.
  • Increase the awareness of the platform.
  • Generate new content and ideas that can be used by other members.


  • 1,0 . Prepare content and operations for the first 1 Month
  • 1,1 . Begin publishing content on YouTube and Spotify, as well as advertise the content.
  • 1.2 . Begin Live Streaming 24/7.
  • 1.3 . Collaborate With Famous creators.
  • 1.4 . Enter Prop House.
  • Coming Soon

The studios involved

MSV Studio

MSV Studio is a digital media and content creation studio, located in Indonesia. MSV Studio has worked for years to produce animated stories and films that bring joy to its viewers. Artists, storytellers, and engineers in MSV Studio have created breathtaking animated feature films such as Battle of Surabaya, in 2015. This movie won more than 20 International awards. We also deliver services for advertising

Website; https://msvstudio.co.id

Services offered by MSV Studio:

• Video production – They specialize in pre-production, video shooting, editing, color grading, and post-production.
• Audio mastering and editing – They provide audio mastering and sound design services to ensure clarity and quality in your audio.
• Graphic design – MSV Studio creates high-quality visuals for websites, social media, and apps.
• 2D and 3D animation – Their team of talented animators can create stunning visuals for film, television, and gaming.
• Gaming development – MSV Studio provides complete gaming solutions, from concept to launch.

Why MSV Studio?

MSV Studio is an excellent choice for this project due to their expertise in video production, audio mastering and editing, graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, gaming development, and consultancy services. Additionally, as an I from Indonesian and working with MSV Studio as Art Director, Will provides This Project with the opportunity to access their wide network of contacts and resources within the film and television industry in Indonesia. They are committed to providing high-quality services and exceptional customer service, which makes them an ideal partner for this project.

Request Fund 70 ETH

Art production , 25 ETH

  • Lo-Fi art

Type; Animation
Quality; 4K
FPS; 60
Commercial use; Yes
Copyright; Eklusive Right
Quantity; 270

  • Album cover

Theme; NounsDAO
Style; Pixel, Cartoon, Concept art
Copyright; Eklusive Right
Quantity; 130-340

Music Production, 20 ETH

  • Arranging.
  • Tracking.
  • Editing.
  • Mixing.
  • Mastering.

Quantity; 130-340

advertise, 15 ETH

  • Utilizing influencers.
  • Participating in promotional events or exhibitions.
  • Sponsoring events and competitions.
  • Leveraging customer reviews.

Oprational 24/7 (Nonstop Live Streaming, 10 ETH

  • Amazone Work Space
  • Electricity and Wifi
  • Emergency Fund, (Broken Urgent Component)

Note; This project uses funds to run for 12-18 months *


Some Information Points Relate To This Prop

Cost Production Music

The cost of production music can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the length of the track, the type of license you need, and the specific music library or composer you are working with. In general, though, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few dollars for a short, basic track to several hundred dollars or more for a longer, more complex composition.

Cost Making Loop Animation

The cost of creating a loop animation in a studio with 4k quality can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the length of the animation, the complexity of the visuals, and the specific studio you are working with. In general, though, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a short, simple animation to several thousand dollars or more for a longer, more complex piece.

Loop Animation Lo-Fi not Serious Needed, Because the audience will only enjoy Lo-Fi music?

The impact of content visualization in the entertainment industry

Content visualization can have a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Effective visualization can increase audience interest and enhance the appeal of an entertainment product. This is because visualization can help to express ideas and stories more clearly and engagingly.

In addition, visualization can also help to convey messages and values that are intended to be conveyed in an entertainment product. For example, through the use of appropriate symbols, visualization can help to convey messages about love, friendship, or tolerance in a movie.

Overall, content visualization is crucial in the entertainment industry because it can help to increase audience interest, build a suitable atmosphere, and convey messages and values that are intended to be conveyed.

Why This Project large budget needed?

A large budget in a project is typically considered important because it can help to ensure that the project is completed well and on time. With a sufficient budget, the project can hire sufficient staff and provide the necessary equipment and technology to achieve the project’s goals.

In addition, a large budget can also help to reduce the risk of project failure. For example, if technical difficulties or failures arise, a large budget can be used to address these issues so that the project can still be completed.

Furthermore, a large budget can also help to improve the quality of the final project outcome. For example, with a sufficient budget, the project can hire more experienced staff and use more advanced equipment and technology, resulting in a better final project outcome.

Overall, a large budget in a project is considered important because it can help to ensure that the project is completed well, reduce the risk of failure, and improve the quality of the final outcome

Youtube Content concept

YouTube Lo-Fi Nouns conceptually portrays the use of Lo-Fi music as a background for videos on YouTube. Lo-Fi is a genre of music that emphasizes rough and imperfect sounds, often used to create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. YouTube Lo-Fi Nouns videos will feature nouns engaging in everyday activities like reading, writing, or enjoying nature, all played against a Lo-Fi music background that makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Creative process of making Lo-Fi music

The creative process of making Lo-Fi music varies depending on individual needs and preferences, but there are some common steps that are often taken. First, choosing the type of instrument or sound to be used, which usually includes guitar, keyboard, sample, or natural sounds. Then, finding or creating samples and sound effects that match the desired Lo-Fi genre, such as reverb, delay, or distortion. After that, arranging the music by combining the selected samples and sound effects, adding desired instruments, and adjusting the volume and sound effects levels to achieve the desired atmosphere. This process is usually done iteratively, constantly changing and refining the musical arrangement until satisfied with the result.

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Starting small and proving this works is likely the best first step. Maybe start with one animation and use royalty free music for a few months for an MVP and see what kind of traction you can get!

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I have filled out the DCS pod Form to Get Minimum Funds, and am trying to maximize it.

@Juan Here you can inquire more deeply about this project


I know we chatted about this a bit already, but I wanted to share two questions to ponder.

How will this proliferate Nouns? What benefit will this provide to the DAO and it’s many communities?

I had never listened to lo-fi before we talked about it a few days ago, but I’ve been listening every night since. You’ve made a believer out of me. :sweat_smile:

I’d also echo Woody’s sentiments. Is there a way you could start small? There are cc0 music tracks out there AND many cc0 animations within the Nouns community. How cool would it be to start there and make really clever repackaging of what already exists? Might be worth a shot!

Keep building friend!

Bullish on Low Fi!
Let me know if you need any help on this we can always shitpost in our DMs! Just writing it here to show support bro hehe

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How This Project Proliferation Nouns .

  • Brand/Name Project
  • Every Content Has Nouns icon (Nouns glasses)
  • Support Nouns Entertainment
  • Funding Nouns Creator On PropHouse (Artist,Music Producer, Content Creator & All About Nouns Entertainment) with Adsense & Music Royalty


Brand / Name Project + Nouns Icon

Developing a strong brand and icon in the entertainment industry can help to expand a community. A strong brand and icon will help to attract audience attention and increase their interest in the Nouns DAO community. It will also help to improve the community’s image as a leader in the entertainment field, making more people interested in joining the Nouns DAO community.

In addition, a strong brand and icon will also help to create a consistent experience for community members, making them feel comfortable and connected to the Nouns community.

Overall, developing a strong brand and icon in the entertainment industry will help to increase the visibility of the Nouns DAO community, increase audience interest in the community, and help to create a consistent experience for community members. All of this will help the Nouns DAO community to grow and develop quickly.

Suport Nouns Entertainment + Funding Nouns Creator

It Is generally a good idea to support the development of communities in the entertainment industry. Providing funding to communities can help them to grow and thrive, and can also benefit the larger entertainment industry as a whole. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as providing grants, offering mentorship and networking opportunities, and providing access to resources and tools that can help communities to grow and develop. In addition to benefiting the entertainment industry, supporting communities can also have a positive impact on the economy and society as a whole.

How Can We Fund Creators?

These are the Key Points on the Ecosystem Financial Aspect of the Project;

1, 20% of the Overall Project Revenue Will Be Allocated to the Core Team

2, 80% of the Revenue Will Be Used For Staking Investment

Investment Becomes the Fortress of the Project

Limited funding can be a major challenge for the development of a project. In light of the uncertain revenue expectations for this project in the first 1-3 years, we are trying to utilize our initial earnings to invest with good management (compound interest) and we believe that with this financial management system, the project has the potential to grow exponentially in the next 1-3 years.

To take this action, the first step is to identify and prioritize specific activities and resources that count towards the project’s continued growth and development. This may include things like additives or contractors, purchasing materials or equipment needed, or investing in research and development. Once these priorities are identified, it is important to allocate what is available in a way that maximizes the project’s chances of success. This may involve finding alternative sources of funding, such as selling products.

In response to @SuperTightWoody suggestion, I have already filled out the DCS pod form to get feedback, and I am offering our studio services and providing epic ideas that have not even been thought of yet.

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