Lil Grants: ProNouns. Nouns for Degenz


Requesting 1.5ETH OR 7 Lil Nouns for the ProNoun project

Dear Nouns,
We would like to open a discussion and make a proposal for a small grant. Our NFT project is called ProNouns. Which we like to call Nouns for Degenz. Our NFT launch will be a mostly Free Mint. This project aims to create a new layer within the Nouns ecosystem.
(This is a draft open to all feedback while answering any/all questions that may arise)
As we all know the current market is in a weird place; some may even call it pretty bad for now. One of the things that have emerged from the current condition is the “Free Mint” and “Degen” NFT drops.
We feel this is the opportune time to introduce many new collectors and build a new community within the Nouns ecosystem. Many in the space may not be familiar with Nouns as we have been learning or they are priced out. This is the niche we will fill.
We will be offering the lowest barrier of entry with a free mint. Opening the door and making it accessible to thousands. We will then build upon this new community with the goal of making a “launchpad”; a business incubator of sorts. Our community will vote upon the best proposals that would further proliferate LilNounsDao and submit these proposals to LilNounsDAO. We would also like to support other projects within the Nounish community and would love for Nounish supporters to be a part of the community.

Proliferation of LilNouns
As noted we will be onboarding possibly thousands of people within the space and introducing them while educating them on all things Nouns.
From within this new community and the size of it…we are fairly confident that we will find individuals who will come up with ideas to proliferate LilNounsDao and will get new proposals accepted by this community.
Also, we intend to work together (hopefully) with other Nounish projects and introduce our community to these projects.


  1. Create/Deploy Contract and collection…Completed.
  2. Website…In Progress
  3. Campaign organically on socials. In Progress. A Twitter account only so far. @pronoun_nft
  4. Within one month…launch a successful drop.
  5. Within one month…purchase Nounish projects and reward holders with raffles.
  6. Within two months…form a community
  7. Within three months…form a DAO and start submitting proposals to LilNounsDAO and NounsDAO

We are asking for a total of 1.5ETH
This would be used to acquire 7 Lil Nouns. Based on the current Opensea floor price of 0.22 ETH
Five Lil Nouns would be kept by ProNouns which would allow us to bring proposals to the LilNounsDAO. The other two will be raffled off (using a provably fair system) to holders of ProNouns.

We are open and willing to have the two LilNouns that will be raffled to be held in a wallet owned by LilNouns as well as being transferred to winners.
We are also fully open to having the five LilNouns being kept by the LilNouns project but being delegated to ProNouns for ability to submit proposals.

We fully intend to work with you and hope that the LilNouns community will welcome us. One additional ask to the community would be any form of support such as follows on Twitter ( @pronoun_nft ) to spread the word. We would love to see a vote of validation so to speak from the community.

For now, we would appreciate any feedback and support. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you all in advance for your time.

Full disclosure: We have also applied for a grant from NounsDAO but as of now been referred to LilNounsDAO. A bit more info on the project can be found there. Small Grants: ProNouns

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