Largest Derivative Collection Ever

Hello all

First of all, sorry my English if not perfect, is not my native language

Im writing to share an idea I had a month ago after founding the nouns project while looking for creative commons projects to create a derivate since Im a fan of CC, GPL and other type of similar licenses, actually I found it following punk4156 and his disconform with LL

I was thinking how large a collection can be to be listed publicly, not a mint and reveal collection but one already minted in full previously to show it as one of the largest if not the most. So when I found Nouns on CC0 I said: this is it !

So to avoid all the details, lets say I want to create the largest collection ever minted using Nouns & to be listed on opensea (or other platform). For obvious reasons it will must be on polygon or immutable, or any other cheap-to-mint chain, and I say obvious reasons because it will contain 1 millon tokens. Yes, I know… its crazy. Is crazy?

My plan is to invade the NFT new comers community with free nouns for everyone, yes… they will be free to get, via twitter and/or discord, just browse, choose one you like and get it. I want the new comers to get their first free NFT and nothing better that a free Noun. It will be a hard task of course.

Before continuing, I would like to listen you and yr opinions, specially if any technical problem that may arise for a collection under a custom polygon contract with this amount of assets, I was thinking about the json file containing the metadata and if it may be a problem to load from platforms.

Ideas how to mint?, where?, 3rd party service that can help with this? Costs? (polygon is cheap but not free, will need matic to mint 1M tokens).

Yes, Im crazy enough that I already created 500K of them, and keep generating more as we speak. Will not stop until having 1M Nouns in my HD, and later online :blush:.

Waiting yr comments, thanks

Maybe go xDAI, probably the most affordable solution

1M Nouns ready to be minted and gifted.

Im talking with niftykit to see if they can offer their contract/minting tools to generate the largest collection on polygon, waiting their comments/suggestions.
A bit concerned about how much matic will be needed to mint them all so lets wait their reply :wink:

affordabe yes, but not supported by opensea yet I guess, would be hard to market

My polygon NFTs are listed on OS, btw.

There shouldn’t be any problems, since 1M is considerably less the int_max (it’s the largest number that can be stored in a memory). So don’t worry about big numbers, you got plenty of room.

You can mint it yourself, or you can use services like

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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finally, here they are: 1 million nouns

Free mint at (polygon)

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+98000 already minted/gifted
+8500 holders

would be great to get some help from the DAO to promote it further

Giving up here, please close this prop.
Will sell them for 1 matic to cover the costs
Twitter users can still claim for free, just not free minting from the website (gas still needs to be paid for each airdrop and the dao is clearly not interested)