Lack of clear guidelines for prop submission

For example: these days one particular question came to my mind: Are props allowed to generate direct financial revenue for the treasury? I’ve been scrolling through some of them but haven’t found one that aims to fulfill that purpose, why not? Another question that was raised these days is the possibility of a small monthly payment to holders, I understand that many think this particular idea goes against the original idea of nouns but some surely don’t. My question is: Are any of these written somewhere? People who are coming to the project need to do an extenuating research through the discourse trying to solve these doubts by themselves. I think these guidelines needs to be documented and placed, for example, as a link to a pdf document in the upper bar on the front page. It’s a really simple thing to do and extremely effective as well.


Anyone is allowed to generate revenue for the treasury. However, I’ve seen people suggest that instead of doing that, they should generate their own profits and purchase Nouns instead to fill the treasury back up.

That being said, there are exceptions such as this one: Nouns DAO

As far as writing props, we planned to make a whole website dedicated to the craft with Prop 175, but we didn’t make it through this time. There are some suggestions on as well if you’re interested. Proposals | Nouns Center

If you need help personally, don’t be afraid to come to Nouncil or another community and you’ll find a lot of people willing to help you out.


A great solution would be to combine these two functions into one. That is, payments to owners as a small dividend in exchange for voting on projects that transfer a portion of the profit generated to the treasury. There may be such a proposal coming out soon, which will involve using a similar mechanism. Be even better :wink:

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