John Hamon X Nouns


A collaboration between France’s ubiquitous street artist face and Nouns.


John Hamon is the name and, well, nobody really knows much more than that. His face appears on posters all over Paris and has been since 2001. Often found next to Invader or M. CHAT, John is a mystery and a joke in the art world. His motto is ‘It is the promotion that makes the artist or the zero degree of art.’


For Nouns, the proposals make the project. Nouns need to position themselves as something mysterious that comes from the streets, from the art world, and support artists while doing so.


A total of 1000 wheat posters and John will change his PFP on twitter and instagram during the campaign.

  • 500 posters 70x100cm in Paris, with 10 of them in a circular “profile picture” 100cmx100cm format.

  • 250 posters 70x100cm in Marseille, with 10 of them in a circular “profile picture” 100cmx100cm format.

  • 250 70x100cm in Lyon, with 10 of them in a circular “profile picture” 100cmx100cm format.

some quick mockups by the artist

Street marketing next to the posters with clay stencils “” and distribution of small stickers.


People will notice. It will trigger their imagination and curiosity.


John Hamon on Instagram (250K followers)

English article


September-October 2022 (When everyone in France is back to the city to work)


John Hamon

Coral Orca


We are asking for a total of 22 ETH - 15 for John and his team, 5 for the stencil + stickers campaign, and 2 for Coral Orca for liaising with John and organizing the marketing campaign.


22 ETH to XXX

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Just a note on the legal aspect of the operation:

from John:
“The posters will be placed on tolerated areas like construction sites, public poster boards… And the circular ones will be placed where there are already a few invaders and other street artists, where it is tolerated.”


As a non-Paris resident, its somewhat hard to judge how Parisians feel about John Hamon and guerilla marketing overall.

If its done in good taste, with just a tinge of mysterium and “gusto” to it, I think it could be a great use of 22 eth.

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I really like the idea of the guerilla street art to proliferate Nouns. I think it was successful when we did it during NFT NYC at a relatively smaller scale. I really like the idea of normal people seeing the Nouns glasses everywhere and scratching their heads wondering what it is and what it means


I love this.

John is pretty omnipresent in Paris / french street art culture - a large name and recognisable face

This would be a cool collab for nouns to do and I would encourage the non-european / non aware of John nouners to support this as a way of proliferating nouns in a country like France in a rogue and cool way. + Paris has a large web3 community aswell which would find this well done IMO

more than happy to put this on chain after enough individual backing and nouner discussion


fun! Love supporting artists doing interesting things!


Love this. Collaborating with known artists is a good way to boost interest in Nouns. Also great to do it beyond the traditional NFT/Crypto conferences.

I still don’t think that is the best landing page to send people to. We should probably invest in something better ( seems a bit more informative).

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Yes. I almost wonder if we should have any URL at all. Maybe just noggles. Thats it. IFYKYK


I think the non tag/domain adds to the mystery - a long-term head scratch for the brand we want to build to begin getting the noggles in the subconscious

cc: @noun22 had a similar belief iirc

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Love John Hamon’s work and think it would be great to see them align with Nouns


Thank you! it should be fun and hopefully this starts a wave of nouns glasses invasion