Introducing our new iOS game with a 'Nouns' theme! - Bitfight

Hello Nouns Community,

We are the creators of the iOS game, BitFight, and we’re excited to bring a fresh, linguistic twist to our game, by integrating a ‘Nouns’ theme into the gameplay.

We’re in the early stages of developing new characters and themes centered around the concept of ‘Nouns’. Imagine battling it out with characters symbolizing various types of nouns - abstract nouns, collective nouns, compound nouns - the possibilities are endless! Your favorite nouns could be personified into exciting characters with unique abilities, turning a language concept into a thrilling gaming experience.

But, we can’t do this alone. We need your expertise, creativity, and passion for language to help shape this new direction for BitFight. We’re inviting all word enthusiasts, grammar gurus, and creatives to share ideas on how we can infuse the power of nouns into our game.

What nouns do you think would make compelling characters? How could these noun-themed characters influence gameplay? We welcome your insights, ideas, and suggestions.

Together, we can revolutionize BitFight, making it not only a source of entertainment, but also a celebration of language and a testament to the power of nouns. We can’t wait to see your suggestions!

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to reading your ideas.

Best, The BitFight Team

I wanna share some images from multiplayer version. Single player version is available RN and i will share multiplayer version in just 1 week; i need you ideas.

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