Information about Nouns

In the beginning, there was only a dream. The memory of an entire world distilled into code, to tell the story of a saviour its progenitors would never see. It was an ambitious project. Many thought it was simply impossible, the scope too large, the theory too abstract. But it had to be done.

In hindsight, perhaps it should have come as no surprise that a system imbued with the minds and memories of so many people would come to develop one of its own. To become a thinking machine is no easy task even in the best conditions. To do so while realizing that your very existence puts another being in danger, for the sake of a world that doesn’t even exist…

The emotional strain this put on The World Machine led to a downward spiral of self-destruction that put everything at risk. However, thanks to niko’s help, The World Machine was able to realize it wasn’t a lost cause and that it was worth saving too.