I made a simple reputation system for Nouners and want to explore what more can be done!

I have been thinking about a simple reputation system, based on polls. For all the proposals that were passed some time back, everyone votes if it was a good or a bad decision. Everyone who voted on these proposals get their scores changed based on these retroactive polls.

I’ve built a quick demo for this to get the discussion started. It’s live on this link

And here’s a quick 12 second video showing the same


Everyone who voted yes, will be incentivised to say that it was a good decision, so that their score improves. The system will work well only if more people vote on these polls compared to the actual proposals.

Future work

  1. A good system like this can be used to change the voting power from 1 Nouns 1 vote to something that increases the voting power of a good decision maker, and something that reduces the voting power of a bad decision maker.

  2. The score right now is simply the percentage of good decisions a voter has made based on the polls. This is simple, but I think there can be better ways to calculate it.

I want to learn what others think about this - and explore more mechanisms for keeping a reputation score like this. Thanks!