I Made a Crazy Taxi Nouns Game And a YouTube Video About It!

Hey all! :wave: I’m a gamedev content creator on YouTube and engineer.

I used the 3Dnouns.com characters in a Crazy Taxi game I made and published a video detailing the process. I uploaded the game to my itch.io (WebGL, Windows) and Android’s Google Play. I spent around a month between the game, optimizing, publishing, recording, editing, and uploading. Also added the #EnterTheNouniverse tag to the description :slight_smile: Let me know if y’all have any thoughts or feedback!

You can find the video here!

And the game:

Some cool analytics :yum:



This is incredible! Epic to have an established game developer in the ecosystem who is already using other builder assets. Very nounish. The taxi is giving major Dreamcast nostalgia.


Love this! Great work!

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Hey all! Thanks for the support on social and hope you’ve been enjoying the game!

I’d like to request retroactive funding for my recent project “Crazy Driver”, where I created a game similar to Crazy Taxi but with Uber elements, and featuring Nouns characters as the passengers! As you can see above I have posted the analytics so far on my YouTube video and Itch.io views. Since then I now have around ~4.1K views on the video, 51 downloads for the Windows version, and 503 Browser plays on itch.io.

I have around 34K subscribers on YouTube. The game is published on WebGL, Windows, and Android. It took me around a month to develop the game, optimize it, prepare the video, edit, publish, and promote on social media. I also created a Spanish version (Hice CRAZY TAXI pero UBER (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) - YouTube) of the video on my newer channel, promoted the video (English version) on Reddit, Twitter, and made a TikTok/Reels/Short. I work on creating content full-time and loved making such a fun and simple game. Here is a small breakdown of my ask:

*Total ask: 10 eth
-Android Phone: ~.3 eth - Had to purchase a phone to test the game
-Creation of Game: 6.3 eth
-Recording, Editing, Publishing Video: 3.4 eth

I’ve also created a Google Doc with some of the advertising and work I did for the game: Crazy Driver - Google Docs

I hope to continue creating more fun content with Nouns in the future, thank you :slight_smile:


hi Sam, great work… we talked about it at NSFW, and we’d love to grant you a retro reward of 1 ETH, how’s that sound?

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Thanks so much! Yes, sounds good to me :slight_smile:, appreciate it! My wallet address is samygarcia.eth

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Great work @samy totally loving this game and the concept behind it. Looking forward to when it’d be available on IOS. I’m def. gonna be downloading it. :orange_heart:

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Thank you! I wasn’t planning on uploading on iOS because I don’t have a developer account and they are more strict with the apps, but maybe I should!


Oh I see, you should really consider though. I hope this project gets executed. Welldone.
Also if you need an animated commercial for this, I and my team would love to create a 2D animation for this, I really love the concept.

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Hi Five! Well deserved and I cant wait to see more.


thanks! it was designed to be a small game done within a weekend, but quickly turned into a full month-long game :sweat_smile: i will consider it!

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The Nouns Video Contest is going on right now and my video showing off Nouns CC0 Assets and the game I made was selected into the top 10! Your vote would mean the world to me, thank you.
My entry is: Winning over Game Developers: Showing Off Nouns Awesome CC0 Assets