Helping my boi ToadyHawk with "How to check twitter analytics"

Hey Toady, I know you must be super occupied with your work, so here’s step by step process to check TNS’s twitter analytics, idk about tiktok but a simple google search will help you :smiley:
So kindly follow these steps

#1 Go to

#2 Click Sign in with twitter

#3 Twitter will automatically detect your logging once you click and you can see this :smiley:

#4 you can scroll down and see the stuff month wise as well, for example here I scrolled down to november, wow thats… feb, jan, dec… november! 4 months ago woah!
technology am I right ? :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

Here’s one even deeper into the past, october, when I was deep into nouns and spent weeks creating a really awesome spoof video of nouns

Here’s more data before I jumped into nouns, so guess pretty much good details via this simple step

Hey @toadyhawk hope this walkthrough helps you check TNS’s tweet analysis <3
Take care bro

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