Guide: How to Prepare An On-Chain Proposal

I helped put a proposal on-chain the other day (prop 124) and Seneca made it really easy for me with the way they formatted the information. I thought a quick guide might help for people with proposals and people sponsoring proposals.

This assumes familiarity with the basics of proposals which you can learn about here.

  • Step 1: prepare your proposal in markdown format
  • Step 2: prepare your metadata which is just a title
  • Step 3: prepare your transaction which should just be an address and an amount

An example proposal would be something like this

title: my cool proposal
address: 0xmyaddress
amount: 10 (ETH)

lorem ipsum blah blah post body formatted in markdown

This is all the information you or a sponsor need to put your proposal on chain. By formatting in markdown up front, you ensure that your proposal looks the way you want it to look when it goes live.

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This is great thanks @nounsintern!

wow, thanks for this, @nounsintern!

would be cool add something like this to the nouns center proposal guide but may be best if there’s visuals of what the UI looks like with these things filled in so it’s really clear for Nouners

Oh I totally had the thought that the only thing missing from that guide was a paragraph with the info I posted in OP.

I should have just made a pull request haha.

Great stuff. Adding to my list of prop advice through Nouncil.

There is also this: Submit a Proposal to the DAO

I also find very useful to perfect the markdown, however it wont come out exactly like that on the nouns website, so always need to do an extra round of proofing.

yea i wanted something like this on there but the only reason i never added it is because i’ve never opened a prop myself so wasn’t familiar with how it looks and what goes where etc