Goop Troop / Derivative Operations Funding

GIP-1: Goop Funding
Experiment with 3 funded positions to empower Goop Troop’s proliferation of Nouns.

Duration: 3 months
Compensation: 1.69420E per month per role

NounsDAO Representative & Liason

  • Represent Goop on weekly NounsDAO calls and relay key points back to Goop
  • Stay up to date with NounsDAO efforts & initiatives
  • Coordinating & executing Goop votes for NounsDAO Proposals
  • Oversight for Goop Troop’s funding proposals to NounsDAO
  • Foster a Nounish Community

Project Manager

  • Assembling & managing project teams
  • First project: Goop Troop website
  • Craft project roadmap/timeline and drive projects to completion, escalating when issues arise or deliverables/timeline are at risk
  • Provide bi-weekly updates on Project(s) Status
  • Foster a Nounish Community

Growth & New Initiatives

  • Connect with active community members and identify potential roles for contribution
  • Discord and Social Media management
  • Lead community engagement & growth initiatives
  • Work with Goop members on converting promising ideas into actionable next steps / Proposals
  • Additional Project Management (as needed)
  • Foster a Nounish Community

As Noun 22 mentioned on today’s call, this could be a nuanced discussion that might be worth having on discourse – there were mixed reactions.

11/24 NounsDAO Weekly Call: Goop Troop / Derivatives Funding discussion

  • Goop Troop has been hitting roadblocks and needs folks being compensated to dedicate their time to the project/community
  • As a Noun owner, it’s a fine line/gray area to how we go about funding derivative projects – can see both sides
  • Dont want to make it sound like we are blessing a specific project/derivative
    • Would need to be extremely explicit wording if going on-chain
  • SharkDAO has had similar issues, would love to solve sustainable operating costs, focusing on using internal treasury funds for operational costs for now
  • Want everyone that is dedicating time to proliferating Nouns to get compensated, but also don’t want to devalue Nouns or favor any derivative projects
  • Could see funding derivative proposals that directly benefit Nouns (project/deliverables as opposed to operational funding)
  • Goop alternative funding might be selling 1 of their 2 Nouns, would provide Goop funding for awhile

New here ofc and I do not see the benefit of nouns per se funding Goop to do any of this. These fractionalized nouns are tricky at the moment and whoever launched the project should have the foresight to think through ongoing needs etc.

I’d be more interested in the nouns treasury offering a low market buyout to the nouns in Goop than funding a bailout of ongoing operations – to what end? Else, the nouns could be sold obviously. What would happen – the funds sent to the Goop NFT owners? who gets the ETH?

People spent a tremendous amount of funds buying, selling and gwei these items. Not sure of the tokenomics or who did what.


Aligned with Noun109 on this.

Agree, I think funding for subdaos should be for deliverables that benefit/proliferate Nouns, goopDAO is now looking at internal funding for any sort of operational / staffing costs