Fund the Orcanauts EcoXP: Ecosystem Exploration Initiative for the Small Grants Committee | Revisited & Revised Proposal

Transparency Clause: WillPrice (a Nouns holder) is an Orca Protocol Advisor and assisted with some aspects of this proposal.

tl;dr: This is an updated and revised proposal from a previous Orcanauts proposal that can be found here. We have reduced the scope of work/cost and reworked the proposal so that it focuses on the implementation of pods within the Small Grants Committee.


Nouns DAO members have expressed interest in exploring pods as a way to increase flexibility and coordination without imposing hierarchies that could ruin what makes Nouns DAO special. How can we safely do so in a useful way?

We see a path to align the expertise and enthusiasm of Nouns contributors with Nouns DAO and its resources with a streamlined plan. Through “podifying” the Small Grants Committee, the Orcanauts will help Nouns DAO to bring to the surface the most meaningful content, efficient teams, and future thought leaders of the organization.

Helping DAOs organize is at the core of what the Orcanauts do. We understand that each DAO is unique and has its own style, personality, and characteristics that attract members from all over the internet. The Orcanauts want to be a core part of this success by implementing best pod practices. With pods, a DAO can create successful teams that deliver results in a specific area of focus.

Program Scope

The Orcanauts program scope for this proposal will conduct 4 main activities for Nouns DAO:

EcoXP: Ecosystem Exploration

  • A review of the current team’s workflow.
  • A recommendation of how pods can be implemented for the Small Grants Committee.
  • An analysis of how teams will be more effective in a pod structure.
  • Establish a POC (Point of Contact) that will help Nouns DAO with ongoing support as a pod manager.

With the combination of our initial reporting and the organizational bootstrapping plan, the Orcanauts will deliver the following high-impact benefits to the Nouns DAO Small Grants Committee:

  • Finding teams within the Nouns ecosystem to shape inspiring stories.

  • Reduce the friction between creative experimentation and scalable projects with lasting impacts.

  • Engage community members (both Nouns NFT holders & non-holders) across the entire organization.


Phase 1 - Initial set up & Execute the “EcoXP” phase of the program scope | 1-2 weeks.

Phase 2 - Compile and report on findings and on-going research efforts. 1-2 weeks.

Phase 3 - Onboarding the Grants Program into pods. | 1 week.


The compensation for the EcoXP: Environment Exploration phase is 2 payments: 5 ETH for the initiation of phase 1 and 5 ETH to initiate phase 3 to The result of the exploration will give Nouns DAO a high-level overview of their current structures, teams, and processes.

How The Orcanauts Think About Success For Nouns With This Proposal:

  1. Improved ability to make intelligent bets on creators.
  2. Increased community visibility into how Small Grants is operating, communicating, and creating.
  3. Improve the flexibility to conduct smaller experiments and invest more in the ones that show the most promise.


We are the power users and experts of pods. We have oriented ourselves around Orca Protocol’s core team and aligned our expertise with understanding the protocol. We know that the dynamic nature of pods can be challenging to navigate. Our understanding of how to organize and reorganize is at the core of what we do.

We have and are currently working with IndexCoopDAO to support them on a new governance structure and onboarding them into a functional, non-hierarchical structure.


The Orcanauts are excited to work with Nouns DAO and the community to ignite collaborative environments for creation, organization, and storytelling!

About The Orcanauts

The Orcanauts are a team made up of different pods derived from the Orca Protocol that work in all aspects of a DAO. We are an emerging and new team of artists, engineers, writers, and leaders that have a deep depth of experience and knowledge in our respective fields. Check out our pod @!


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