Fill the Michigan student section with Noggles

After the ‘Make Nouns Visible From Space’ prop, I mentioned in Discord that we should take a look at milking that for all it’s worth if it looks like Michigan can win the National Championship.

Well…they look really really good… College football: Can Jim Harbaugh's bully ball lead Michigan to a title?

What would we think of some yellow and blue noggles to pass out to students during this run? It could become a legendary item in Ann Arbor and enter the lore of a storied franchise forever. Who knows, it might even become the Michigan equivalent of the ‘terrible towel’, the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers fan merch.

It’s just a thought, but if someone is in that area of the country or Nouns On The Ground needed a project (@Aubtoshi), this could be a rare opportunity to build on a previous proposal that’s already in full swing.


we can print yellow and blue Low Fin Noggles. for this