Fia world rally championship × nouns

There’s been a number of genuine questions that have been asked and I’m more than glad to address and answer them here.

Q1: What exactly is prop #74 about?
A: The proposal is that we partner with the Nouns to field a ready to team in the FIA WRC leg next month

Q2: Why does it cost much?
A: It doesn’t! The initial ask is a one time off expense to tune stock cars to rally car standards as per the FIA requirements.
The funds will go towards:

•Branding 3 cars,6 racing suits and 6 helmets in accordance with FIA standards with nounish branding.

•Servicing the Rally cars to performance standards stipulated by FIA. (Mechanical work and Equipment)

•Servicing the rally cars to the safety standards stipulated by FIA (Mechanical work and equipment)

•Multiple ad work. Billboards and a projection mapping advertising team nouns rally crew

•Launch event

•Hiring a service crew. (Mechanics and engineers)

•Media personell (video and photo)

•Accomodation for the team nouns crew.

•Event fees

• Spare parts

Once the WRC is over,the rally cars will be owned by the nouns where they’ll be able to make appearances in about 20 more rally competitions over the next three years at a cost of 10E thereabout. Among these apps will be another 3 WRC appearances.

Q3: Do we have a ready team we could depend on for good results?
A: Absolutely! Our lead team is under the able leadership of co-driver Mr.Edward (who’s FIA profile is linked) who is one of the most experienced rally drivers in the Southern hemisphere. He has been a professional rally driver since 2010 and boasts over 51 podium finishes in national and regional rallies. They’ll be participating in the class RC2 which is Championship level, meaning the team will get very significant airtime.

Q4: Will the event catch enough eyes for the DAO to consider?
A: Yes! Last year as per the FIA WRC factbook,the competition had a global audience of 832 million,numbers up there with sporting events such as the superbowl and the champions league finals.

Q5: How will the nouns benefit off participating in the rally?
A: The nounish rally cars will receive some sweet airtime on the grand stage as competiton cars doing every single stage of the rally. The drivers will wear nounish racing suits and helmets, drive nounish branded rally cars, multiple ad work will be done on strategic locations leading to the venue, a team launch event, on-boarding of indigenous artists in the designing of some of the rally material,good media for the noun’s twitter to show the rest of the world the cool things happening and so much more to mention but a few.

Q6: Will the project ever add value to the DAO?
A: For sure! After the first race (WRC),the nouns rally team will be open to taking sponsorship in exchange for some sweet car wrap space to corps and other crypto/NFT communities. This revenue will be used to pay for the operational costs of the rally cars and all the surplus will be sent to the DAOs treasury, meaning some rallies may not even need funding again

Q7: What will happen to the rally cars after the WRC?
A: The cars will remain in custody of the drivers, being accommodated at the team’s garage preparing to participate in other rallies as team nouns.

Q8: Wouldn’t it be better if the Nouns decided to sponsor the event itself?
A: It wouldn’t. The WRC is different compared to other motorsport event in that there is no specific ‘venue’ where the organizers can put up ads such as the circuits in Formula 1. There are more than 10 different stages,not less than 4 km each of the rally covering areas sometimes as big as a county. 99% of impressions and audience comes from streaming sites and TV sports channels. The venue accomodates spectators in the hundreds as the rally itself takes place in the jungle.